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Pull-Ups Potty Training a Family Affair

Pull-Ups Potty Training A Family Affair

Last month I shared with you my tips on potty training a boy.  Now that our little guy is two we have started preparing for the next phase in his life.  Luckily we have been through this before, twice.  But the one thing I have learned is all kids are different and thinking that potty training will run the same way is most likely not going to happen.  I just recently attended a teleconference courtesy of Pull-Ups with Jeannette Kaplun an award-winning journalist and internationally recognized parenting expert and Dr. Alberto Andres Cotton a Miami based pediatrician in a teleconference to discuss potty training.

pull-ups dr cotton jeannette kaplun

Pull-Ups Potty Training

I took away so much great advice from these two and after all the note taking I rounded up some of the important tips.  The easiest way to get potty training to run smoothly is to get everyone involved.  My little guy spends time with my in-laws and parents regularly, to keep him from regressing we have set up a plan that everyone is encouraged to follow.

  • Make a plan to keep the flow of potty training running smooth even when mommy and daddy are away.
  • Have pull-ups handy with caregivers and don’t resort back to diapers once the transition is in effect.
  • If you are using timed potty breaks as reminders, keep the pattern going when your away.  We use a timer at home so the timer goes with my little guy and is used with caregivers. 
  • Never reinforce anything your child does wrong in a negative way.  Positive reinforcement is key. 
  •  Regression is okay.  Some children need to regress at times and will soon catch up.  Don’t pressure them but keep the encouragement and positivity even through the regression.
  • There is no age requirement for potty training and pushing them to early is not reccomended.  If there is no steady progression by the age of 4 seek your pediatrician’s advice
  • Flushable wipes are great for potty training and learning to wipe.
  • Celebrate milestone’s in small effective way.  I love Jeannette’s idea to sing or keep a chart as a visual reinforcement.

Pull-ups Jeannette Kaplun


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