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Softsoap Fragrant Foaming Collection Hand Soap

Product was provided in exchange for this post. All thoughts expressed are my own.

I am peeling away all signs of winter and freshening up my home with crisp scents and minimal clutter. The new Softsoap Fragrant Foaming Collection Hand Soap is a perfect addition to my streamlined kitchen and my hands. The three specialty-inspired fragrances will liven up every sink in your home while providing a clean fragrant wash. The fresh Kitchen Citrus Bliss is a kitchen must have. Jasmine and White Cotton pairs perfectly in the powder room and guest bathroom and  Whipped Cocoa Butter is the ultimate master bathroom sink essential to infuse your skin. Softsoap Fragrant Foaming Collection Hand Soap covers all sinks in your home.

The new Softsoap Fragrant Foaming Collection Hand Soaps are inspiring and uniquely scented to transform hand washing into a luxurious experience. The soothing foam wash leaves a soft and refreshing feel with a delicious scent that lingers on. 

Jasmine and White Cotton: The fresh scent of Jasmine and White Cotton. Its airy aroma makes every hand wash sparkle, while lush foam gently purifies the skin.

 Whipped Cocoa Butter: Rich foaming lather infused with real cocoa butter extracts. The decadent scent of Whipped Cocoa Butter makes every hand wash a treat.

Kitchen Citrus Bliss: Crisp, sun-drenched scent of Kitchen Citrus Bliss. Its vibrant aroma invigorates every hand wash, while lush foam gently cleans and soothes skin.


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