HORMEL® Chili With Beans Chili Pie Recipe #HormelChiliNation

hormel chili texas

In Texas we love our chili pie otherwise known as a walking taco or the frito pie. Whatever you want to call it, chili is an essential staple to a hearty meal in Texas. Packed with delicious flavor and so easy to make you can whip up dinner in a flash with a few ingredients. In fact this recipe is so versatile we always have HORMEL® Chili With Beans and fritos on hand when hunger strikes.  Inspired by my home state of Texas, I am sharing a delicious 10 minute HORMEL® Chili With Beans Chili Pie recipe.  If you’re not as big of a bean lover as we are you can substitute with HORMEL® Chili No Beans for the same chili nation punch.

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10 minute chili pie


hormel chili texas


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