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Stay Stocked and Prep For Baby with #AvoidTheOops

Stay Stocked & Prep For Baby with #AvoidTheOops Avoid The Oops at Walmart prepping for baby

Stay Stocked and Prep For Baby with #AvoidTheOops is a sponsored post ( SheSpeaks/Walmart.

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately went into protective mode. I prepared myself for the idea that something could go horribly wrong. I wanted to bask in the excitement of bringing a new life into the world, but I also faced the reality that having a miscarriage wasn’t so far-fetched. You see I have been there, in a complete fog of loss and heartache. I tiptoed through the first trimester and then with every passing day, breathed a new sigh of relief. Here I am, twenty-five weeks pregnant and ready or not our little cupcake will be here in about 13 short weeks. I have set a plan into motion to start stocking up on necessities. Preparing not only for baby, but our home for the things we need. 

Stay Stocked And Prep For Baby

This being my fourth and final baby, I have vowed to avoid the oops moments. There is nothing more annoying than realizing you don’t have a necessity and have to run out and buy it. At this point in my pregnancy, I don’t care to haul myself and the boys out for bulk items. It’s a huge chore to haul around bulky items, have kiddos in the basket and even try to get those items from the store to my home. 

Baby essentials at Walmart avoid the oops Stay Stocked & Prep For Baby with #AvoidTheOops

I made my first order at for a few baby essentials. You can never have enough Pampers, wipes and Dreft. I also added household items I use daily and was running low on. Placing this order is simple and easy to do from the comfort of home. I added items to my cart, paid and in three days had everything at my doorstep, and the best part is I still get those low Walmart prices I love using Now I have more time to enjoy my family and skip those pesky errands to Walmart for essentials. 

Avoid the oops order Stay Stocked & Prep For Baby with #AvoidTheOops

Do you have an oops moment? I had so many with my boys when they where tiny. I vividly remember flipping a coin with my husband after realizing that we where so low on Pampers diapers and we might not make it until the next morning. Luckily my husband obliged and made a Walmart run. I am working on adding different sizes of Pampers before baby comes with

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stay stocked up and prep for baby at Stay Stocked & Prep For Baby with #AvoidTheOops

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