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Monetize Your Blog with Linqia Campaigns

Monetize Your Blog with Linqia Campaigns

The monetization tips are back. If you followed me last year, I used to post monthly tips.  I decided to bring the monetization tips back in 2014 weekly.  If you blog and are looking for ways to grow your brand be sure to check back every Thursday. Are you part of the

Why I Blog: Do What Makes You Happy

why i blog: do what makes you happy

Why do I blog? Because it makes me happy! Blogging has been the most addicting and freeing move I have made.  A Thrifty Diva Surviving Mommy Hood will be three years strong in August and I am often asked why I blog and how I became a blogger. My entire life, I

Turning your Blog into a Business

Turn your blog into a business

Follow these simple steps to turning your blog into a business. The hobby of blogging is fulfilling and very therapeutic for a lot of people.  As a blogger you can easily find that blogging has it's perks and also has the ability to garner you an income if you push past having