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Allstate Foundation ¡Vamos! Hispanic Teen Driver Safety #VamosConCuidado

Allstate Foundation ¡Vamos! Hispanic Teen Driver Safety #VamosConCuidado

I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for Latina Mom Bloggers on behalf of the Allstate Foundation and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.   Hispanic Teen Driver Safety  #VamosConCuidado

Allstate Foundation ¡Vamos! Hispanic Teen Driver Safety #VamosConCuidado

It’s hard for me to believe that I have a teenager.  A teenager that is already fantasizing about his first car and driving himself to school.  I have to be honest the entire teen driving thing scares me to death.

I think about what he will do if a text message goes through to his phone.

I think about what he will do when the light turns yellow. Will there be temptation to hit the gas?

I think about the drivers beside him and what they will do when they get that next text.

I think about myself as a teenager and the close calls I made.

I think about how at fifteen I went to drivers education classes, and at sixteen was handed over keys to my first car.

Now that I see myself in my son, I am looking for tips on how we can make the transition as a teen driver as safe as possible.  The Allstate Foundation has launched their first-ever national survey campaign “¡Vamos!”.  I had the opportunity to chat with Allstate Spokesperson Jorge Monsivais to pick his brain on what tips we can use for teen driver safety.

Allstate Foundation ¡Vamos! Hispanic Teen Driver Safety  #VamosConCuidado

Jorge Monsivais is an Allstate agency owner, parent, and safe driving advocate living in Laredo, Texas.  He and his wife Rebeca are the proud parents of two children, Tania (17), who recently got her driver’s license, and Hugo (22).  Mr. Monsivais shared great tips from the Allstate Foundations resources and how he implemented them with his own children.

The ¡Vamos! survey was conducted to identify tools and tips to help all parents keep their teen driver safe.  It took a closer look into the behaviors of Hispanic teen drivers and parents.  Like how seven out of 10 Hispanic parents were unaware that car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens.  Most Hispanic parents, 42 percent, assumed drugs and alcohol were the No. 1 cause of teen deaths.  For both white and Hispanic teens, car crashes are the No.1 cause of death.

Allstate Foundation ¡Vamos! Hispanic Teen Driver Safety  

o   Teen Driver Coaching Tips: Driving with a teen after they get a license.  The first year after licensure is one of the most dangerous years in a teen’s life.

o   Parent-Teen Agreement: Teens want to know what is expected of them. Parents and teens can use the template agreement to come up with mutually agreed-upon rules of the road and consequences should the rules be broken.

o   Graduated Driver Licensing Video: A system used to slowly expose teens to the driving experience and phase them into full driving privileges.  The Allstate Foundation created videos to help make it easier to understand in a visual, fun way.

To get more information about Teen Driver Safety go to in spanish.

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