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Tylers Coffee Review The Acid-Free Coffee

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Update: This post was originally published in 2011. It is still our favorite acid-free coffee for better health. A great Christmas gift for anyone with gut health issues. 

I am not a huge coffee drinker like my husband. I don’t wake up feeling like I have to have a cup of coffee to function. Him on the other hand, he doesn’t go a day without it. For me coffee is enjoyable, but I have always gotten the jitters and get acid reflux if I drink more than 6 oz. I once joked to my husband that coffee gave me ulcers.  Looking back I probably was aggravating something in my stomach and an ulcer is not that farfetched of a statement.

I’m not obsessed with Coffee like my counterpart, but I do enjoy a hot cup especially on cold mornings. Tylers coffee is the only USDA organic acid-free coffee on the market.

acid free coffee for people who want better coffee. Tylers coffee review

About Tylers Coffee

Tylers coffee uses “Z-Roasting” which optimizes roasting time to assure that the coffee is acid-free with maximum flavor.  An acid-free coffee means our tooth enamel is protected and teeth are stronger. It also means impurities and resins acid produces are not going to mess with my digestive tract when I have a cup.  The Z-Roasting produces a stronger level of caffeine which provides that wake me up feeling quicker.

Acid-Free Coffee

I made my Tylers Coffee with purified water (as suggested on their website).  The aroma of coffee was very strong upon brewing. I’m usually a more creamer than coffee person and I realized after a few days of drinking Tylers coffee every morning that I was covering up the acidic flavor I was getting from my coffee before. Tylers coffee has a smoother flavor than I was used to drinking. It’s a rich coffee taste that doesn’t have the acidic bitterness I was used to tasting. The blend is superb and I didn’t need all that creamer, just enough to add sweetness to my cup.  I still haven’t graduated to being an everyday coffee drinker, but having a cup of Tylers coffee allows me to have a cup and not deal with the tummy issues I was used to getting.

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