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Other Uses for Address Mailing Labels



Other Uses for Address Mailing Labels

When looking at sheets of address labels, it may seem like their use is restricted to mailing. However, there are many other creative ways to use address labels. Read on for some ideas, or check out online craft blogs for more creative uses for everyday items. 

Label It

Address labels double as labels to help identify your belongings. This works well, as your personal information is available if the lost item is found. Good places to use these labels are on electronics, videos, and books. If you lend things out, like taking a dish to a potluck, this can be a good item to label. School items, like workbooks and textbooks, are other good items to label with an address label. If you have children who take a bagged lunch to school, sticking an address label on the front can be a great way to prevent a lunch bag mix-up. If you sell handmade items, whether online or in a craft fair, placing address labels on these items can be a great idea. This will help to establish your identity, and customers will be able to contact you if they wish to order more, or if friends and family members are interested in your products.

Additional Uses

One of the uses for address labels is closer to their original usage. You can use address labels to create self-addressed envelopes for friends and family members, or to notify these people of a change in address. In a pinch, sticky address labels also double as adhesive. 


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