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From bottle to Sippy Cup


I have a confession to make.  My 15 month old is still drinking out of a bottle.  Yup, I’m that mom.  As much as I want to have him stay a “baby” forever, I realize a kid running around with a bottle in his mouth is doing nothing for his growth, teeth or speech.  We have tried trainer cups since 6 months, but it’s always been so much easier to hand over a bottle and be done.   I had not pushed sippy cups on him, but now I am slightly wishing I had.

Tips for getting your child weaned from a bottle and on to a cup.

Cold Turkey

The cold turkey method, scares the bejeezus out of me.  Trash the bottles and move on.  My little guy is one of those cry, scream and hyperventilate until he gets his way kids.   No matter what the reaction is from your now sippy cup dependent toddler you do not give in.  In time the bottle will be forgotten and they will learn to move on cries and all.


When your child wants a bottle fill it with water and have a sippy filled with milk.  Offer both and let them decide.  The milk should tempt them into giving in.  It’s obviously not as easy as it sounds.  My little guy threw his bottle of water at me and cried uncontrollably for a minute (which really felt like 10 minutes).  But again the key is consistency, if they want milk they will drink from a sippy cup.


Have a few options of cups and decide which works best for your child.  With all of the options from a soft spout, to a hard sippy and straw designs your child may prefer one over the other.  Oral babies are more adapt to a soft bottle style sippy.  If your child absolutely refuses sippy cups try a straw style cup.

The rule to weaning is to stay consistent.  Don’t let your little one win, when you are tired or stressed.  It get’s easier the longer you stick it out and remember your goal.

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