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Washing Tips! Bold Moms Break the Rules of White!

Washing Tips! Bold Moms Break the Rules of White!

It’s no secret, I hate bleach.  The harsh smell gives me a headache and if you accidentally spill it on something you love… It’s RUINED.  I also hate that you tend to smell like a swimming pool if you use even a little to much on your clothes or towels.  I need a good alternative to keeping our whites looking sharp and fresh.  I bought an entire set of white towels when we redid our bathroom.  I love the look of crisp white towels fresh and ready for you right out of the shower.  Both my boys also wear white baseball pants, sounds fun right.  I get to scrub red sand out of white pants weekly.  So in an effort to keep our white’s as white as possible, I have had to do a lot of trial and error and luckily I have washing tips for you.

Here are my whites from yesterday.

washing tips tide vivid

Washing Tips


Pre-treat Stains washing tips

As soon as you spot a stain you should pre-treat it.  The sooner you spot it the less you will have to fuss with it.  I use any type of clear cleaning soap (shampoo, hand soap, dish soap).  Something to start the removal process depending where I am.  If you can pre-treat at home with an oxy type treater that is great too.

Separate… Separate… Separate…

First separate your colored, whites and delicate’s into separate piles.  Obviously mixing these could cause problems like the dreaded staining of colors.

Then check the tags (and in our house pockets – it’s amazing what little boys collect) remove items that are delicate wash, hand wash only, etc.

Cold, Warm or Hot washing tips

Cold – delicate’s

Warm – shirts, pants, most clothing

Hot – towels, sheets items that need to be cleaned well to remove germs, kill mites,kill the spread of Communicable disease’s.

Detergent washing tips

Tide Vivid White + Bright  Bleach alternative detergent – use the amount reccomend-ed for your load size.  The Tide Vivid White has active enzymes that  break down stains.  Whitening and brightening each load. Tide Vivid White + Bright can be used on whites and brights to keep garments clean and colors safe.

washing tips tide vivid

I have been using the Tide Vivid White + Bright detergent.  It’s keeping my clothes looking newer than ever and I love the original clean scent of tide. How do you like those washing tips.

Tide Vivid White + Bright keeps whites brighter longer allowing you to break the rules of white. Learn more about Tide’s whiteness regimen by visiting DailyCandy.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tide. The opinions and text are all mine. Washing Tips

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