WonderMind tot-schooling At Home Review & Giveaway

So how are we implementing a homeschool routine with little ones?  We are tot-schooling and it makes, homeschooling a middle schooler so much easier when the younger ones feel included in the day.  Tot-schooling is one of the most rewarding things I do with my little guys.  No matter if you are a stay at home parent or not we all “homeschool” our children.  The toddler stage is critical in the development of children. Implementing learning tools into your daily routine is a great way to enrich those little brains and prepare them for the world.  We have started using the WonderMind learning play kit with both our little guys.


WonderMind is a complete five-piece interactive learning system bringing the latest learning tools right to parents, specifically geared kits.  The kits are designed in a toddler 1-2 year old kit and a pre-school 4-5 year old kit.  With little man turning 18 months and Little B on the cusp of 4 we are implementing both kits into our routine.


Little Man is really enjoying his Toddler kit containing: A Family Fun Show DVD, Teegy the puppet,  Time Together Play Book, Colorshape Blocks Educational Toy and WonderMind Parenting Guide.  I love that the twenty minute video keeps my little guy entertained.  It doesn’t drag on and introduces the ideals in the playbook which makes it easier to tie all of the tools in.  

 Little B’s Preschool kit is filled with: Wonder and Discovery Theater DVD, Wonder and Discovery Picture Book,  Discovery Workbook, Tick-Tock’s Talking Toy Clock and WonderMind Parenting Guide.  We are introducing the idea of actually completing tasks in a workbook as you would in school.  The preschool kit is a great jump into learning for Little B.  He is really enjoying his personal clock and matching the hands to the “real time”.    The parenting guide contains great tips on teaching in 20 minutes and how to make the best use of a small period of time.  Great for all those busy parents.


You can purchase WonderMind for $29.99 and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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