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When You Say Thank You, Mean It… Parenting book Review

Instilling life long lessons in my children is the biggest goal I have as their mother.  I want them to genuinely be gentleman, role models and amazing people.  After reading “When You Say Thank You Mean It” by Mary O’Donohue, I was intrigued that these where practical tips my family of five could easily incorporate into our lives.  I love the monthly exercises that guide me to introduce a better way of teaching my boys gratitude.  The book takes one value and spreads out the ideals over a month.  A great way to process into your family a better way of living.  The book is humorous and real, written by a real mom of two who dedicated herself to giving a guide on making our children better.  

I highly reccomend this book to all parents.  It would make a great Thanksgiving gift to a loved one and their family.  It’s simply amazing and classically written to introduce and instill all the values we sometimes find rare throughout one person.  There is no one age either, I can simply incorporate the daily exercises into learning skills for my 1 yr old and 11 yr old.  


The book is available now here.

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