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10 things you need to do at thirty-something

10 things you need to do at thirty-something

In six weeks I will be thirty-five years old. I don’t have any elegant words of wisdom to share on life as an adult, but I do have tips to 30. Sometimes I feel like a total train wreck when it comes to parenting, (I will never take my husband for granted, this ship would be scary to sail alone.) Sometimes I can watch the life I have created for myself and have a million “aha moments”.  I know that even when it gets completely cray, it’s still pretty dang good to have this little army of mine by my side. I have spent the first part of my thirties finding myself, loving my body and growing mentally. I realize what a blessing mistakes can be and how life just works itself out when you stop overreacting.

  10 things you need to do at thirty-something, 

besides drinking water, working out and eating better.

10 things you need to do at thirty-something



Take to the road, the plane or the train. Just take yourself to a new place and vacation. Spend a few days exploring a new part of the world.

Lose The FOMO

The fear of missing out can do crazy things to you. Be here, go there, meet up with them. It’s exhausting to feel like you can’t miss out. Keep a calendar and stop over committing yourself.  Staying home is a good thing.

Choose Your Real Friends Wisely

Everyone on your friends facebook list is NOT your real friend. That doesn’t mean you have to un-friend them, but it does mean you can’t trust them. Think about the company you keep. Food for thought: Are you spending time with people who care about you? Who ask how you are doing? Who take a moment to ask questions about you? People that only keep your company to talk about themselves or gain something from you are most likely not your real friends.

Work Smarter 

Not harder. Use your time wisely and value your time. Stop side tracking on to social media when you need to be working. If you work on a computer close all those open tabs on your computer and concentrate on the task at hand. Make a realistic to do list for the day and knock it out.

Be Yourself 

Stop caring what people think of you. From where you shop, to what you wear, be you. Have fun and enjoy being the person you want to be.

Grow Up 

Although you should be yourself, you’re an adult, hooray. Your partying days are basically behind you. An occasional night out, justified. Every weekend, overkill. Besides you don’t want to be that person kicking it at the club every weekend, trust me they are not cool.


Whatever it is you do for a living, take real-time out to brush up on being better at it. Take a class, gain more tools and never stop learning. You don’t know it all.

Think About Your Forties 

Your skin won’t be as taut, you will have a few more wrinkles and age spots will appear out of nowhere. Do things to prevent aging before the signs of aging even become apparent. Skin care regimens are your friend.

Purge your closet 

I am guilty of owning things I will never wear again. Things I wore when I was a size 2, I will never be a size 2 (ever). Get rid of things you wore and then realized you hate. And there really is no need to own 15 pairs of jeans when you only wear 4 of them.

Invest Your Money 

You don’t need to buy out Target every week. You don’t need to spend $6 at Starbucks everyday. Give yourself a daily allowance and invest in quality items when you make purchases. Think about that nest egg and how to turn your hard-earned cash into an investment.

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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