Daily Blogging

Lazy Summer Days

Our week at a glance…
Blogging took a back seat this week and the posts where more sporadic than usual. I blame the lazy summer days, three adorable boys and lots of preparing for homeschooling.

What did we do this week?  Had lunch with my mom and I got a new watch, yippee it’s so pretty.  I had been wanting a Michael Kors watch for awhile now and luckily my sweet mom wanted to buy it for me.  My Birthday is in August, so it’s an early gift.   We checked out the new (and only) McDonalds in our town.  They have a play place for toddlers, which is perfect for our 3 and 1 year old’s.   DJ has been wearing himself out lately.  To the point where he will fall asleep from just putting his head on something.  This week he fell asleep hanging off the couch (he looks like he is planking, lol).  BJ brought me a flower from outside.    Which is actually a dead piece of a weed, but none-the-less a gift for mama.   We met Kaiser an American Malamute who works with our local police dept.  He is so beautiful, and the boys could not get enough of this huge guy.  We took the boys to a Missions baseball game, which is always a blast.  We paid to much for gas, but what else is new 🙂

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