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4 Must Spring Cleaning and Tips

Yippee, for spring.  I honestly love everything spring has to offer.  From layering outfits, blooming gardens and my ultimate favorite spring cleaning.  Yes I love cleaning.  I’m no OCD cleaner, although I wish I was.   I have so many ideas on my to do list it’s exciting to wake up every morning and knock a few items off my list. Every day I try to focus on three or four tasks I can bang out.  Today’s Spring Cleaning tips are my favorite.


My day starts with deep cleaning sinks, counter tops, and showers.  My cleaner of choice is this fabulous magic potion.  This is mix is great for soap scum and hard water stains.  I love it because it’s safe from fumes and I know exactly what is goes into this cleaner.  You take 1 Cup white Vinegar {heated in the microwave 2 minutes} with 1 Cup (Blue only) Dawn dish soap, pour equal amounts in a spray bottle.  Spray your entire shower area especially hard water and scummy spots, sinks and counter tops {while mixture is hot or at least warm}.  Let sit at least 2 hours then wipe clean with a sponge and water.


Next I move onto Washing the floors with a scrubber and an old toothbrush for the grout areas.  I do one room at a time and try to get through at least half the house in one day.  To clean I take a 3 cups white vinegar and 5 cups hot water in a  bucket and get on my hands and knees with a big brush style scrubber.  After I have scrubbed the floors I take a few old towels and wipe the floors mostly dry.  I like to do this on nice windy days, when I can open the windows and turn on the fans to help the drying process.


Clean out all the closets and dressers.  Take those huge under the bed storage boxes that you can find at Bed Bath & Beyond and pack away winter clothes.  Label each with the pertinent information {i.e. Persons Name, size this is great for small children and hand me downs, and the season}.  I also take a box and fill it with items to give away for donations.


Clean out the pantry and refrigerator.  Remove everything from the refrigerator, yes everything.  I take a large ice chest and store all my keep items.  As you remove each item from the fridge check dates.  Throw out all of the items you don’t want.  {I keep all jars to re-use later.}  Stick jars and containers in the sink to clean out later.   Wipe clean the inside of the refrigerator with white vinegar and water.  Clean out and organize the pantry.  I have a keep pile, a donation pile and throw away pile.  I remove everything from the pantry wipe down all shelves and replace the liners.  When placing items back in the pantry use storage containers like Crate & Barrel stylish bins.

photo from Amber Lane Living.  {My fave pantry re-do}


I like to focus on a few deep cleaning projects each day and have a completely revamped home inside and out in about a week.  It’s a lot of work and very time consuming but the payoff is great.  Then for the next few months the cleaning is short and sweet.  Perfect for our busy life with three small boys.



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