Almost Naked Animals Volume 1 Coming to DVD

Don’t you wish you could run around in your underwear and it be acceptable?  My kids sure do, and I am sure when they are adults I will inadvertently embarrass them with the insane amount of pictures I have of them in their underwear.  It is only fitting that they find Almost Naked Animals to be one of their favorite cartoons.   Almost Naked Animals is geared to 6-11 year olds.  The lovable, free spirited animals {in their underwear, duh} run a beach-front hotel, called the Banana Cabana.  The theme is set around making each day cooler and more fun than the last.  One of the top ranked in animated shows, Almost Naked Animals has proven to be a huge hit in our home.  With the seasons changing and the idea of cuddling up in front of the tube sounding more appealing as a family night. Volume 1 of the series is coming to DVD.

Almost Naked Animals Volume 1 will be available on DVD September 25.  If you and your kids have yet to see the animated series on Cartoon Network, this is a great time to get your kids, husband and you into a hilariously age appropriate show.  

The cast includes:

Howie: the canine manager and stunt extraordinaire.

Duck: the Mr. Do-it-all funny, quirky and not always there duck.

Bunny: the activities director she’s a sweetie and crazy girl wrapped all in one.

Narwhal: The entertainer who loves to be in the spotlight.

Piggy: The chef of the hotel.  A fabulous cook who is the serious get the job done ninjitsu of the kitchen.

Octo: Howies BFF, front desk clerk and the voice of reason.

Sloth: The bell hop who is in love with Howie.

Poodle: The Chatteau Chattoo manager (the rival hotel) and Howie’s sister.

Batty: Poodles bat “puppet” who waits on poodle hand and foot and not very good at getting Poodle’s dirty work done.

Head over to starting 9/25 where they will feature Cabana Craze an online game of running the Banana Cabana as your favorite character.  Players will gain points and stars and unlock more adventures, games and exclusive videos.  

The fall 2012 retail collection of Almost Naked Animals will be available here.

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