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Baseball Glove Cupcake Design

It’s that time of year.  We heart baseball season in our home.  My son had his first practice of the season Tuesday and in true team mom style I provided a fun treat for the boys.  We actually had a meet the team pizza and cupcakes get together before the first practice.  It’s a nice way for the new kids and parents to break the ice and bond before the season gets underway.  These boys practice three nights a week and end up really close by the time the season is mid way through.


Ingredients: 24 cupcakes

Box cake mix

3 tubs chocolate icing {you will have left over}

1 tub white icing {you will have a bunch left over}

red sprinkles

Cupcake liners

Bake cupcakes and let cool completely.  Arrange the cupcakes into the shape of the glove.  I started with 3 for the palm and filled in.  Keep the cupcakes as close together as possible on the palm.  I used an icing decorator, but you could certainly use a butter knife to ice the cupcakes. Remove the cupcake that will become your baseball. Ice 23 cupcakes with chocolate.  Ice the remaining cupcake white.  I used a butter knife.  Use the red sprinkles to decorate the lines on the ball.  I carefully eyeballed this part and took a clean butter knife to remove to rogue sprinkles.  Place the baseball back in between the glove.  I then went back in with the icing decorator and chocolate icing and filled in between the cupcakes.


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