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Change Permalink Structure Without Losing Backlinks

Change Permalink Structure

change permalink structure

When I first started blogging, I had no clue how important it was to have a great permalink structure.  I was pumped to have dropped my blogspot  link and didn’t think twice about the fact that I was using the publish date in my permalinks.

When I finally came to realize that I wanted my content to look fresh forever and always,  it was to late.  Sigh, what was I to do with posts that where marked with 2012 permalink time stamps and keep them evergreen.  Forever a great post that wouldn’t look like old news.   I had created content daily for two years and just changing the permalink structure in WordPress would have changed all of my old links, so any backlinks I had created would be gone. I did a little searching and finally came across an answer from yoast.  I am so excited that my site now has evergreen permalinks and my old long dated links are not lost but being redirected without the terrible 404 errors.  So here are the steps I took.  The guys at Yoast do a great explanation, but if you are like me and not so technically savvy and have no idea what your .htaccess file is this should help.

Change Permalink Structure

1. Download the SEO by Yoast plugin  if you don’t already have it.  It is an AMAZING tool, need I say more?!

change permalink structure

2. Go to your wordpress dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks ->

you will need to verify what structure you are currently using and which structure you wish to use.

3. To create a redirect for your previous permalinks use the yoast permalink redirect tool.

You will need to add your sites URL. Click on your current permalink structure.  Click generate redirect.

change permalink structure

You will then get this code , copy it.

change permalink structure

4. Head over to your dashboard -> SEO -> Edit Files

Paste that redirect into your  .htaccess file and save changes

change permalink structure

5. You will then need to go back to your Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks and change to your new preferred permalink structure and save changes. 

change permalink structureIf you are looking to keep your site fresh and not have permalinks that will look outdated stick with “post name”.

You have successfully changed your permalink set up and have restructured your old permalinks to not fall in a 404 category they will redirect.  You will not loose your SEO backlinks or link juice because you are redirecting your links.  

Change Permalink Structure

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