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10 Ways To Keep Your Child Safe In Your Home #ArribaCerradosSeguros

10 Ways To Keep Your Child Safe In Your Home #ArribaCerradosSeguros Tide Safety

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In collaboration with Tide Safety I am sharing 10 ways to keep your child safe in your home. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to child proofing your home. We have rounded up the top 10 ways to keep your chid safe in your home. We must remember that young children are explorers and according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), one of the developmental milestones for small children is to explore through their hands and mouths. It only takes a second for an everyday household item to become a danger.

10 Ways To Keep Your Child Safe In Your Home

Take a good hard look at your home from a new view. It’s a good idea to get down on the level of a small child often and get a perspective of what they could get into. 


Outlet Covers

Cover all outlets to avoid potential electrical dangers to a child. I can remember the day I walked into my bedroom and witnessed my three year old trying to fit the micro usb side of my iPhone cord into an outlet. Luckily I yelled right before it made contact and he dropped it. I don’t know what would have happened and luckily we didn’t find out. We had outlet covers on almost all of our outlets, except for that one that was on my side of the bed. 

Secure Furniture

Take a good look at your home and every room. Sitting on the floor, take each piece of item in the home and imagine pulling up on it. Is it secured to the wall to prevent falling on you? Are there drawers that can be opened and cause the weight of the furniture to topple over? Is there anything heavy sitting on top of the furniture that could fall over? Is the TV secured so that it doesn’t topple over? Secure all pieces so that no one can become crushed. 


It’s easy to see certain items as kid food, when they actually aren’t. Hot dogs, grapes, popcorn, raw vegetables and cherry tomatoes are some of the most dangerous asphyxiation hazardous foods for kids. To safely serve that, cut them in small pieces. For instance hot dogs should be cut in half lengthwise and then sliced in bite size pieces. Grapes and cherry tomatoes should be cut in half and if the pieces are still large, cut again. Never leave your child to eat alone.  

Cleaning Products 

Instead of keeping cleaning items around the home, have one cabinet up high dedicated to all cleaning supplies.  Remove all cleaning supplies from under sinks and in cabinets. 


All medicines for the entire family are safest placed in a container and stored in a cabinet high and out of reach. Avoid having medicines throughout the home and in night stands.

Laundry Area 

Don’t overlook the laundry area. Even if you think this room is not appealing to children it is dangerous. Keep children safe around all household detergents, including laundry pacs. It is crucial to keep laundry pacs sealed in their original container and stored up high at all times. 

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Bathroom Area 

Avoid a potential drowning incident, by using a toilet seat lock. Never leave a child alone near or in a filled tub, even in draining or and inch of water. 


I’m not just talking about electrical cords, we are also talking about blind cords. Keep cords out of reach and hidden. Don’t forget to check around the crib area, playpen and other places child may be left alone. Make sure that cords from electronics like a video monitor and blinds are not in reach of these areas where a child can reach. 


Make sure pets and children are not left alone. Even friendly animals should have a safe place to be secured if they must be alone even for a second.

Family Emergency Plan

Have an emergency plan in place should an accident occur.

Easy to access phone that a child can run and grab. It’s a good idea to teach children about 9-1-1 and how to properly call. We keep an emergency card on our refrigerator with our address and important phone numbers.  

Have the poison helpline number accessible 1-800-222-1222 and easy to locate. 

Have a Fire Extinguisher in your home, teach older children how to use it. 

Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors monthly. 

Learn the heimlich maneuver for babies and children in case of choking. 

Stay up to date with Safe Kids Local Events.


10 Ways To Keep Your Child Safe In Your Home #ArribaCerradosSeguros tide

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