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Childrens Hospital Season 3 DVD

Dr. Blake on Childrens Hospital plays a clown, his way of brightening up his patients day.  But playing a clown cost him his apartment, apparently no clowns allowed. What’s a clown to do?  Move in with his coworkers, whom he annoys.

Childrens Hospital Season 3 DVD: Our Little Secret by thewbdotcom

I haven’t had many roommates in my life, but my most annoying would have to be my little brother. When I was five and he was almost three, we shared a room.  It was torture, my parents thought they were doing us a favor, but we bugged each other.  We ultimately shared a room until I hit eight and they finally realized a girl needed her space.  The bickering and tattle telling leveled out after that we had a better relationship.

Childrens Hospital Season 3 on DVD

“I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Childrens Hospital.'”

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