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Clorox Clean-Up, Sweepstakes & Giveaways #RecipesForFun

Clorox has launched a new site called  Recipes for Fun a website dedicated to fun hands on and sometimes messy activities for kids.  Every great mess has a great clean up story, which makes clorox the perfect match to messy activities.  Let your kids enjoy these activities and then use Clorox Clean-up for all your messes.  The site is full of awesome projects you can do with your children.

Another fabulous reason to stop by the site.  The sweepstakes and daily giveaways.  Head over and register {free} and receive 1 entry into the sweepstakes for a grand prize of $10,000 toward an Ultimate Mess Party.  Score an additional 10 entries daily by submitting your favorite messy activity to do with your kids {keep reading, mine is below}.  You will also score a $1.00 off coupon for Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner just for your submission.  The recipes for fun range from wacky science, arts and crafts, kiddie cooking and creative cooking.  The random prizes are awarded daily, you could be a winner of a $100 gift card just by viewing recipes for fun. Sweepstakes ends 3/27/12.


Here is my favorite recipe and while it is not my own idea, it is the perfect messy fun every kiddo will obsess over.  A great magic potion recipe to try with your kiddo.  Grab a few ice cube trays, kool-aid packets, water, sprite or club soda and clear cups.  Make different flavors of kool-aid to achieve vibrant mix of colors.  Fill the ice cube trays with kool-aid and freeze.  Once frozen add cubes, and sprite {or club soda} to clear cups.  As cubes begin to melt the clear liquid will change colors and flavors.  This is a fun treat for your kids and especially for parties.


This is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with your kids.  A great rainy day or even a weekend project.  I am incorporating  this site into my three and one year olds preschool at home projects.  A great resource for fun learning projects that wont bore the kids and especially me.  How about those science  projects your kid has to do for school?  My fifth grader has had his share of at home projects.  We scramble to find something interesting and usually fall short. 

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Clorox Clean-Up Recipes for Fun blogging program, for 8,000 My SocialMoms Rewards Points. 

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