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EPCOT vs Disney World | Your Next Orlando Vacation


The battle of EPCOT vs Disney World.

When you hear the words Disney World, you probably think about Cinderella’s Castle and fun rides such as Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney World is actually a term used to describe the Magic Kingdom and to distinguish it from the park in California. While you can have fun at both EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom, you may want to choose one park over the other when you have less free time on your Orlando vacation.

Unique Opportunities 

While both parks offer some unique opportunities for guests, EPCOT offers an experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Walt Disney himself made plans for a neighborhood he called the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. After he passed away the company took his plans and turned them into a new park. EPCOT is home to a number of fun rides and some great attractions. It was also the only place in Disney that you could purchase alcohol for a number of years. You’ll find an international pavilion that lets you learn more about foreign cultures in the park too.

Thrill Junkies

If you’re the type of person who loves going as fast as possible and feeling your heart race, you might prefer the Magic Kingdom. This Disney park is home to the classic rides that you rode as a kid and those new attractions that you saw on television. You’ll have the chance to meet and greet with some of your favorite characters and see live shows based on your favorite films. Many guests also like wandering around the park and trying to spot the hidden Mickey faces hidden in plain sight.

Kids vs. Adults

Looking at the ages of the people in your group is the best way to decide between Disney World and EPCOT. If you head to Orlando with older kids or teenagers and other adults, you might prefer EPCOT. This park is home to the World Showcase, which lets you sample authentic international dishes and shop until you drop. It also puts you close to some more grown-up live shows. Some kids and adults might prefer the Magic Kingdom, which has rides suitable for all ages. Couples on romantic getaways and those traveling with other adults usually prefer EPCOT.

Best of Both Worlds

Disney now lets you enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to something it calls the Park Hopper Pass. This is a simple pass that you can buy in advance or at the front gate of one the parks. When you buy a standard ticket, it only qualifies you to enter one specific park. The Park Hopper Pass gives you the option of visiting any of those parks while the pass is valid. You can purchase a one day pass or one that covers multiple days. With a Park Hopper Pass, you can come and go between parks as often as you would like. While you can choose between EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom when visiting Disney, you can also visit them both.

No matter which park you decide to visit, make sure to look into staying at one of Disney’s high-end resorts. Disney resorts are closest to the parks and offer unique amenities that you won’t find at other resorts. DVC owners who are looking to stop their yearly DVC maintenance fees occasional ask themselves “how can I sell my Disney timeshare” and find that they can sell them or rent them out online on the DVC resale market for extra cash. You can save up to 50% off when you buy or rent DVC resale points on the secondary market through these existing DVC owners.

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