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Espanol Seguros Latinos Insurance Help #EspanolSeguros

I spent a majority of my life growing up without health insurance.  I was lucky, I was a super healthy kid.  I can count how many times I was actually ever ill and needed to see a doctor.  Looking back my parents got really lucky too.  As important as health insurance is and was my parents couldn’t afford to insure us all and chose to pay out of pocket when we did get sick.  Now looking back my parents just weren’t educated on their options and didn’t take the right steps to find a health insurance that would fit their needs.  If only they had to guide them into making the right choices for them selves and our family.

A recent study by the Life Foundation revealed that 93% of the Latino population believes that life insurance, as well as a health insurance is important, but 49% of survey respondents said they did not have enough coverage.

Espanol Seguros is a website dedicated to helping Latinos save money on their auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance.  Spanish speaking licensed insurance professionals help you through the process of lowering your existing policies, finding the policy that will fit your needs and answering all those questions we have.  You can get your free quotes by visiting the website or by calling 877-MY SEGUROS.  Get connected with a local agent and get the insurance policies you deserve.  Bilingual insurance information will save you from getting the wrong information, asking questions and getting the most information to benefit you.  I know that insurance is scary, I get intimated when talking about full coverage, policies,  and what is needed to become insured.  Espanol Seguros agents cut out all of the issues and and answer all of our questions.

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This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Espanol Seguros. However, all opinions expressed are my own.



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