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Excuse me while we experience Spring Break!

spring break 2015

If you are wondering why I have been off the map. I am busy enjoying spring break.

The kids are out of school for spring break and the weather called for rain. Way to go mother nature, my husband suggested we hit the beach, but guess what?! Rain, yo! Rain just about everywhere within justifiable driving distance from us. Our first official day of spring break, Monday morning we all slept in and then woke up starring at each other with a look of boredom. I couldn’t help but think that we had seven more days all together and we where going to spend it wasting away. We headed out to run a few errands, like fill the fridge. My boys can clear a fridge like no one’s business and I could only anticipate what they could do this week. As we drove off from the grocery store with a trunk full of junk food my husband and I have this conversation.

Husband: We should just hit the beach even if it rains, it can’t rain all day and night.

Me: It could, but sure. Let me check the weather again.  Cloudy, fog, everyday 50+% chance of rain. 

Husband: That sounds, not so bad. Do y’all want to go to the beach, even if it rains half the time?

Kids: Yes! Lets go now. Just keep driving and go straight there!

Husband: Okay, as soon as we get home everyone pack up and we will leave, we have to be back by Wednesday. I will book a room. 

So like that, after a run to the store a quick drop off of groceries. Everyone under-packing, except me. We where back in the suburban and driving to the beach. 

We even brought the dog.

spring break road trip

The weather was fair, we didn’t have any real rain, but we didn’t see the sun either. It was pretty foggy at times and that caused a fine mist to fill the air. Hence, I didn’t take my camera out much the past few days. 

But we had a BLAST in Corpus Christi.. The best moments are truly the ones undocumented, we where having too much fun to stop and capture. 

We are back home and still have four more days without an alarm clock and to enjoy each other. 


Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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