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Hot Peas ‘n Butter Catchin’ Some Peazz Review

How do you put little ones to bed?  I have spent so many nap times and nights struggling with getting my guys to sleep.   Some days I would give anything to put them in a relaxed state.  Rambunctious 18 month and 3 yr old boys don’t settle down often or easily.   There’s a lot of jumping off of things, out shouting each other and wrestling to be done.  Enter Catchin’ Some Peazzz lullabies CD by Hot Peas ‘n Butter.  A soothing CD choc full of ballads that  are soothing and pleasant to the ears.  Midway through “Railroad Bill” my kiddos had settled into the relaxing ambiance.

It does take quite a bit more than relaxing ballads to get my guys to sleep most nights.  You can catch favorites like “Rock -a-bye baby” redone in a fresh new way. 

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