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I am 2x Stronger! Are You? Win $25 Target GC #AngelSoft


I am participating in the 2x stronger Angel Soft Campaign.  Thinking back on myself being 2x stronger I thought I’d share with you a story about my struggle with being strong.

Brody my now four year old broke his humerus.  Kids break bones right, no big deal?  Except that there is more to the story.  I will start by saying that I have lived my entire life with fears , I have struggled with not being mentally strong.  It all starts if I see someone hurt or in pain and don’t get me started on the site of blood.  I get nauseous, weak and have that fainting feeling.  I am not proud of it, and have tried to figure out ways to loose the icky feeling I get.  I often joke that if I witnessed someone get hurt, I may be the one needing to be picked up off the floor.  My husband knows that if something where to happen I will panic and lose all self control.  It really has been a serious problem for me.  I once fainted when I saw my good friend the day after she gave birth, Weird I know!!  But it makes me scared to death to think how I would be if I had witnessed my own children in pain.  In my eye’s I have been far from strong.

We have been lucky our children have all been pretty healthy and I haven’t felt these terrible rollercoaster of emotions, but an accident hadn’t crossed my path.

We weren’t so lucky last December 2012.

I was cooking dinner in the kitchen one evening, as my husband was setting the table. The boys where running around the house.  Literally and it’s not unusual for them to make circles through our living room and into the hallway chasing each other.  I will admit, I let them.  In my head I imagine them tiring out and heading to bed early.  This night the running had stopped and after a few minutes of quiet, a loud crash followed and immediate screaming.  My husband and I ran to find our three year old and one year old pinned under a pub table.  (This table is now in our garage except when I rarely pull it out.)

My husband immediately pulled the table up and our one year old jumped to his feet and stopped crying.  Our three year old stayed curled on the floor and I knew something was wrong.  I pulled my three year old on my lap as his piercing scream and enormous knot forming on the side of his head terrified me.

I grabbed a frozen bag from the freezer, my purse and a blanket and we all rushed off to the ER.  My three year old was in so much pain and could not explain to us where it hurt.  I placed the frozen bag of corn on his knot that was now the size of a golf ball and made every effort to keep him awake.  Between the cries he would also start to drift to sleep.  We rolled the window down and the cold December air filled the car.  I sang to him and asked him questions to pass the time.  He would partially answer but I could see that he was in shock.

A good twenty five minutes later we arrived at the ER and I carried my sweet boy in.  The nurse immediately took us to the back and  with some pain meds he finally was able to relax.

In the hospital after the meds not stronger

After x-rays, tests and pain meds we discovered that he had a hematoma that was no cause for concern, a concussion and he broke his left humerus.

humerus broken and now stronger than ever


I now feel 2x stronger than ever before.

Looking back on that evening and the emotions that flooded us, I now feel 2x stronger than ever before.  I had doubted myself as a protector of my children and have worried many nights on how I could be a mother to my children with these fears of panic.  If I had a panic attack when my children needed me most was I fit to be a mother?  I have come to know that I am stronger than I was giving myself credit for.  Put me in a situation and I will be brave and manage to overcome my fears and stay strong.

I am now 2x stronger and feel like everyday I am becoming a better version of myself.  The new Angel Soft 2x Stronger paper is an ideal balance of softness and strength at the value I love.  I am picky when it comes to our household products.  I hate wasting money on products that aren’t made well.  The Angel Soft with Softshield layers are now stronger than ever to hold up better when wet.

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I’d love to hear an experience that has made you 2x stronger.

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