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Simple Garden Ideas

Simple garden ideas.

I love the idea of having a garden, there is nothing like growing a garden in your own backyard.  I contemplated plowing through our property and setting up my own garden and surprisingly my husband was on board.  After I did a little research and realized the amount of time I would have to put into maintaining a successful garden, I changed my mind.  Start small and let it transpire into a big project later.

We have these great flower beds that where built along side our guest house and they are perfect for a vegetable garden.  If you don’t have a built in flower bed, build a simple raised garden bed. We have squash, tomato and cucumbers planted so far.  You can keep up with all of my veggie gardening shenanigans on instagram.

simple garden ideas

For all you small garden lovers like me, these will fit perfectly into your life with no huge commitment    The windowsill garden is absolutely stunning.  Re purposed tin cans work great for this project.   Drill tiny holes into the bottoms of each tin.  Spray inside of tins and the bottoms with a rustoleum spray paint to deter most rust from forming.   Allow to dry, fill with a good soil and add in your favorite  herbs.  Place a try under tins to keep mess at bay. simple garden ideas

via apartment therapy

The Mason jar garden.  These are perfect and would look great standing alone as well.   These mason jars are hung on a piece of wood for added cuteness.

simple garden ideas

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Simple garden ideas, the cynder block garden.  I love this and the idea of adding colorful plants and flowers would set it over the top.

simple garden ideas

via Apartment Therapy

Take to the patio and add some different sized containers to plant your favorite’s.  Tomato plants and even cucumbers will grow well with a trellis nearby.

simple garden ideas


via Martha Stewart.


What are your simple garden ideas?

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