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Lunch at Planet Sub San Antonio #PlanetSubSA

Planet Sub Oven Baked Review

I was invited to Planet Sub in exchange for sharing my experience with you.

With my best food critics in tow we headed out to Planet Sub on Huebner Rd. for lunch last week. If you follow my instagram stories you know we eat out A LOT. I have two rules for eating out (1) we stay within our weekly budget and (2) we have a healthy balance while still eating what we love. I am a bit of a sandwich snob, my husband and I make some bomb sandwiches at home. Needless to say Planet Sub had some competition already. 

Planet Sub is beautiful, the clean lines and inviting atmosphere give a great lunch date vibe. We arrived early on a week day when there was no crowd. I ordered a variety of subs so that we could really dig in and indulge in Planet Sub. 

Planet Sub tables

Planet Sub made to order

What we ordered:

Cheesesteak sub: savory delicious mix of roast beef, provolone cheese, peppers and onions. The bread was toasted with a soft core that married well together. I felt like this was the heartiest sub that we ordered. It was filling and savory. 

Meatball Grinder: a layer of premium meatballs, Provolone, Parmesan Cheese and Marinara. It turned out to be my oldest sons favorite sandwich out of all of them.

BBQ sub: filled with roast beef, oven roasted turkey, smoked ham and topped with BBQ sauce. If you like bbq sauce, this sandwich is a go to. It’s a sweet and tangy sauce that goes well with the trio of meats. 

Ham sub: smoked Ham, swiss, vegetables and mayo. The perfect classic sub in my opinion. I love a classic sandwich toasted to perfection with melted cheese and warm ham. 

Lunch at planet sub

Move out of the way sandwich shops, no complaints here! Planet Sub is winning us over with its unique menu options and delicious fresh made ingredients. The menu is not overwhelming and offers just enough variety to enjoy delectable options.  

PSub drinks at Planet sub

The Oven-Baked bread is made from scratch each morning and they have 45 different sandwich options. 

Lunch at Planet Sub sandwich

Dog friendly patio complete with fresh water and dog treats. This makes my dog lovin’ heart happy. 

Planet Sub patio


Follow Planet Sub on social media to keep up with all of their specials. 

Planet Sub Facebook – Planet Sub TwitterPlanet Sub Instagram.

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