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Raising Your Athlete In A Competitive World #JustAKidFrom

Raising your athlete in a competitive world.

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Raising your athlete in a competitive world. My son fell into the world of baseball at a young age. I found myself trying to learn the ropes of being a team mom and nurturing my athletes needs.  My son loves the game and I find myself year after year becoming better at being mom to an athlete. Let’s be honest it’s a competitive world out there. Even t-ball can become a tooth and nail game. We as parents are competitive and we really want to see our athletes succeed. It’s the mama bear in us that feels eager to protect the entire team and watch them WIN. But, when it is all said and done it is how we as parents nurture our athletes and respect the game that leaves our athletes feeling like winners. 

raising your athlete in a competitive world

How To Support Your Athlete

Encourage Practice 

Encourage your athlete to put in the effort of practice. To Succeed you must put in the work. Practicing with your athlete is an excellent way to encourage them. As a mom of a teenage athlete, he has far surpassed my knowledge of the sport. Gone are the days where I can toss him balls to hit. These days I encourage him with things we can do together. Stretching and cardio keep us both in shape and allow me to give him the essential tools to keep his body going. 

Build confidence

Athletes are human and encouragement is the key to success. Encourage them on good and bad days. It’s easy to get caught up in what didn’t go right, but always remember to build your athlete with ways to work toward success especially when things don’t go as planned.  

Proper Fuel 

Athletes work best with a healthy and hydrated body. Balanced meals are essential to my athletes performance. Three protein packed meals, water and POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast® make up my athletes pre-game ritual. We look forward to making the most of game days with the right fuel.

Team Player

How I am as a mom in my everyday life and in the bleachers is the first step to being the best team mom I can be. I would never allow my athlete to yell, heckle or berate a player, coach or umpire, so those actions are something I refuse to do. It is a good practice as a parent to make sure that the coaches and athletic association is on the same page. Have open communication with your athlete on this topic and encourage them to be a team player on and off the field. 

raising your athlete in a competitive world

Support Dreams 

Athletes should always be having fun. Once it becomes a chore you start to see a make or break situation for an athlete. Always encourage your athlete to follow their dreams and be looking for new ones. It’s okay to have lots of ideas on what you want to do. It’s a great time to feed off their dreams and inspire your athlete to make them a reality.

Find Inspiration

Give your athlete the confidence to listen to coaches and be inspired by others. Athletes should never stop learning and sharpening their abilities. 

Raising your athlete in a competitive world.
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We're all just a kid raising your athlete in a competitive world POWERADE

We're all just a kid raising your athlete in a competitive world POWERADE

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We're all just a kid raising your athlete in a competitive world POWERADE

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