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Our Reyes Magos Celebration #Net10Latino

Our 1st ever Reyes Magos 

This weekend was a special and new experience for our family.  It is my goal to immerse my boys in all of the traditions that surround their Hispanic culture.  I didn’t grow up in a Catholic household but my husband did and I feel it is important for our boys to explore all of the great beliefs and traditions we both have to offer them.  

The Reyes Magos celebration is one that I found extremely fascinating, you can read a little about the tradition here.

Ours was definitely a little more family celebration on our terms.  We started our Friday night off with a little excitement for the boys.  We let them decide what they wanted to do for the weekend.  Mind you, I have a 12, 4 and almost 2 year old.  They have wild imaginations and wanted to go swimming (not going to happen in 40 degree weather), see Elmo live (we saw him in November and I guess the excitement hasn’t worn off, just yet) and my oldest wanted to see Jango (umm, not even mom is ready to see that flick).  So with a little reality check the boys decided that a family movie date was going to be part of the plan.  We spent our Saturday morning relaxing, cleaning, taking down the last of the Christmas decor and then headed out to pick up Grandma so she can enjoy the day with us.  Armed with our Net 10 wireless phones AJ and I were ready to capture our adventure on our Reyes Magos celebration If you follow me on twitter you saw that  AJ was able to take his LG Optimus and connect to my twitter account.  Easily we were able to give a play  by play of our Saturday shenanigans.

Reyes Magos with Net10 Latino

net10 wireless


I was pretty excited to see that we caught the Matinee.  The entire family for $30, yes!  My husband swears we never get in and out of a movie for less than $50.

reyes magos

We also made a stop for the snack bar for goodies and lots of popcorn.  Side note the parental Guidance movie is AWESOME.  My husband, mom and kids loved it just as much as I did.  We all even admitted to tearing up, good times.

popcorn movie

I am a huge fan of Targey {or Target} and I heard they are having a major clearance with 75-90 % off in every section.  I persuaded the family into making a pit stop.  The pit stop turned into an hour trip, the sales were huge and we found tons of goodies.  Notice the pic AJ took with his LG Optimus below, it was clearance heaven.  And my kids truly find ways to have fun everywhere.

reyes magos

With the kids over the idea of sitting in a restaurant we opted to end the night with drive thru dinner.  Chinese food for the family.  My kids can’t resist the thought of fortune cookies, so it’s a win win for us.

reyes magos

We went with the traditional family Reyes Magos celebration Sunday.  

The kids received one gift each and we had food galore to compliment the fiesta with our loved ones.  The pictures were a great way for us to document a family day and my 12 year old truly enjoys having his own Net10 phone that he can have all to himself.  We are loving the simple, no hassle plan that allows us not to fear any unforeseen charges. The Net10 Family plans include unlimited data, text, talk, starting at $50 for first line, $40 each additional line. 

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