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Taking Control of our Time

Are you spreading yourself to thin?  Take control of your life and overcome the stress of being an overworked momma.  I think my main issue daily is putting to much on my plate.  It’s easy for me to over commit, but I am putting my children first this summer.  Here are a few tips to keeping it together and finding time for your family.

Daily Goals

Keep a running log of goals you want to accomplish each day.  The old pencil and paper!  Yup, it’s back.  I sure do love my calendar on my phone and computer, but those reminders are for BIG don’t forgets.  Each evening I take a small notebook and jot dot all the things that need to get done the following day.

i.e. stop by the post office, pick up milk, take Brody to feed the ducks at the pond, write a blog post, contact so and so about a homeschooling question, etc.

I add to my list throughout the day and scratch off tasks we have completed.  I tend to get more done and don’t go to bed remembering all the things I forgot to do.

Plan Ahead Meals

I love those days when I don’t have to cook.  They can be few and far between if I don’t plan them.  I find a day where I can squeeze in a couple of hours off and on in the kitchen.  Put a whole chicken to boil for a few meals like, chicken salad, shredded chicken for soft rolled tacos or even to mix in with Mexican style rice.  Make a large casserole of Lasagna.  Make a pot of homemade vegetable soup.  There are just some meals that taste better the next day or two, anyways.  Allow the meal(s) to cool and safely store them in air tight containers to heat up for the next couple of days.  Wallah, no major cooking excursions and more time with the family.


We hate them, I know.  If you take time at the end of your day to do those silly little chores, it will make for a brighter morning.  I love to go to bed to a clean house, it makes the mornings not so dreaded.  I can not sleep if there are dishes in the sink or the floor needs a sweep. After the kids have gone to bed take 20 – 30 minutes to do a few light chores.  A little dusting can go a long way.  A quick mop of the kitchen or how about tidying up the play room.


If you work from home like I do.  Set a timer next to your computer.  Each time you sign on start the timer.  Limit yourself to 45 minute intervals.  This will help you to get more work done,  it’s easy to get sucked into your online groups, social networking and community sites.  If you know you have X amount of time, it will prompt you to be more efficient and get that post finished up.

The  goal is to make time for the things that matter most and being more proficient with our time.  Do you have any tips I can use to keeping it together?

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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