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The Evil Cough is Back…

DJ my 13 month old  is dealing with that dreaded cough again.  It’s raspy and phlegmy sounding… I know imagine it!   I feel terrible for the little guy, though.  He is as happy as can be one minute and the coughing fits come and rain on little guys day.   After a visit with his pediatrician to make sure there wasn’t anything that we could do for him.   We were sent home, sans any meds.  I can’t just sit around and watch my baby suffer, so I took to a little bit of home remedies.  At the very least I want my little guy comfortable.  After all we spent an entire night rocking, napping, crying and uncomfortable.  I didn’t want to go through this again.  Today was even worse than last nights events, so I am ready to take on the dreaded evil cough.


Task 1: As Comfortable as possible.

I heated up the bathroom and ran a warm bath for little man. He didn’t stay in very long, as I didn’t want the water to get to cool.  As he dried up, I ran the hot water to steam the room.  Rubbed his chest with Baby Vapor Rub {aloe vera, eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender}.  Put him in his warmest, comfiest jammies and lots of cuddling all afternoon.


Task 2:Feed the baby.

Milk only makes the cough worse and he ends up vomiting.  We stuck with  warmed up apple sauce, chicken noodle soup, and  a warm cup of chamomile and honey tea for dinner.  I Filled DJ’s sippy with 3 ounces of warm water and 3 ounces of  chamomile tea a few squirts of honey to sweeten and coat the throat .

This was the perfect combo for little man, he ate like a champ and is out like a light. Crossing my fingers we can get through tonight with a little more sleep.

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