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A Day in Detroit | Travel

The city of Detroit, Michigan, was founded in 1701; and what that translates to is lots of cool thrifting opportunities just waiting for you to discover.  The thought of cool artwork, vintage antiques, turn of the century desk lamps, and vanity mirrors makes my toes tingle.  My black card was burning a hole in my pocket as I let loose on all the various antique shops and market places throughout the city.  Today we are going to discuss the must see locals that every “shopper of vision and appreciation” should explore while visiting Detroit.

shopping for jewelry

It is only fitting to start any top Detroit thrifting adventure with the century old Eastern Market.  In addition to be a Farmers Market, on Sundays they have a more specialized market day that reduces the number of food vendors in order to shine the spotlight on the dry-good vendors that often get swallowed up between the food and veggie merchants.  This type of environment is more appealing to vendors that have precious items to both sell and protect from minor snafus that cause stains- simply put food and antiques don’t mix. You can catch this seller’s market between June 1st– September 28th

The Sunday Street Market features local items such as home goods, art, jewelry, clothing, Michigan-made products, antiques, and furniture, just to name a few.

The next feature will sound pretty corny to some- but who says every adventure requires spending money?  During my visit to Detroit I witnessed firsthand how hauntingly beautiful it is.  Through that experience, I was able to take some amazing photos that captured what happens when desolation sets into a once thriving metropolis.  There are buildings with life, with no occupants to keep them company.  Detroit is still very much filled with abandoned structures that haven’t lost their charm over a period of 30 years or so.  Bright red bricks, paint surfaces still intact, picket fences, and gargoyles.  The last Amtrak train pulled away on January 6, 1988; the stations stands confident as if the next one will pull in at any moment.  The Michigan Central Station broke my Nikon’s heart and those tears developed into incredible photos.


Now even though this article is Detroit focused, I am going to recommend stepping just outside the city limits to visit two very notable thrift shops:  The Town Peddler & Time Warp.  The Town Peddler provides 24,000 square feet of showroom space to various vendors from around the state that sell antiques, handmade goods, and estate items.  What makes Time Warp so cool is that they cornered the market on quirky thrift shopping.  Here you will find modern, retro, one one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from the past.  This is the place you will most likely find the 60s stripper lamp from, “The Christmas Story.”

All-in-All Detroit is sure not to disappoint when it comes to travel, exploring, and shopping.  Be sure to take a trip down to the “Come Back City” that is currently going through a resurgence unlike any other.

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