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Tummy Tight Non Surgical Weight Loss

It’s hard to fathom, but as a teenager/young adult I was a size 2.  I could wear anything and it looked good on me.  I’m not bragging, but when your a size 2 Juniors you don’t sport a muffin top {ever}.  And if it weren’t for pictures as evidence, I wouldn’t think it either.  Fast forward to present time and I’m lucky if I can get my size 5 jeans over my waist, forget that zipper too because that only happens if lye down and suck it in.    I have had 3 kids, good excuse right?!  I have been saying “I’m carrying baby weight” since my littlest was born.  He’s 19 months and I am not even sure that excuse flies after your baby hits toddler hood.  The weight I carry is in my belly area down to my thighs.  My friend had a tummy tuck last year and as amazing as it sounds to get that fat sucked right out of you, she went through a lot to get to that point.  The thought of having to go under the knife, the cost and leaving my little’s frightens the life out of me.  A Tummy Tight Kit at home makes me smile with excitement.I am by nature a skeptic of sitting around and loosing weight.  But lets face it, at this point I am willing to try just about anything.  A non surgical alternative that will help me take inches off sounds great.  I received a Tummy Tight kit and found myself reading the directions cover to cover and thrilled to get started.

I took measurements of every area of my waistline and recorded it.  You can do this without clothes and put tiny permanent marker dots at each measured spot.  For your sake I left my clothes on 🙂 your welcome. 

The compression is like a huge ace bandage.  You also get the Tummy Tight Serum, which is filled with 80 minerals, trace minerals and herbs.  The serum will remove the toxins and impurities by reducing inflammation and swelling.

Add the serum and water (note use warm water).  I used cold water the first time, it is miserable trying to wrap your midsection in a cold compression.

Submerge your wrap, gently wring it out to remove a little of the liquid and wrap up your midsection. I am concentrating on my belly area, but you can certainly go lower with the wrap.

Wrap, wrap, wrap.   The compression will get your clothes pretty saturated, be warned. 

Take the remaining liquid and add into your bottle.  Keep your compression soaked by squeezing the liquid onto it adding in more serum as it starts to dry and time passes.  Leave the wrap on for one hour.  Tummy Tight suggests a light exercise like walking. I chose to do some cleaning around the house.  I repeated the tummy tight over the course of a week (four sessions).  Each time recording my results. 

Before tummy tight treatments, size 5 jeans.

Before tummy tight treatments, size 5 jeans


After 4th Treatment Size 5 jeans

 A week later, I can button up (and zip) my size 5’s without resorting to a horizontal contortion to get them on.  My bulge has flattened (just enough) to feel good again.  The 4 treatments were overall a very successful treatment.  I ended up losing a combined 4 inches in 6 days.  1.5inches in my upper section, 1.4 inches my middle stomach area and 2 inches on my upper hips.


The Tummy Tight treatment allows for about a week worth of treatments.  I have enough to do (1) more treatment, but I am so excited with my results that I wanted to share it with you. 

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