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What to do for a Cold & Kleenex Giveaway

My children just got over a cold.  It made it’s way to each of them and luckily only lasted a few days.  Their sad little faces puts a dent on my heart.  How do you make even the raspiest cough and runny nosed kid feel better?  My Abuelita was the master when we wanted to know what to do for a cold.  Being our personal nurse she could fix you right up like magic.

Here are my tips on what to do for a cold?

Chamomile is a great hot tea.  Add a few dashes of honey and it is even kid approved. Sip on this throughout the day and before bed to help you relax and soothe the throat.  I drink this whenever I need to get to bed and can’t.

Nose drops to help clear stuffy noses.  I stick with the saline drops for the kids safety factor but I do know that the decongestant ones work wonders especially when you need some sleep.  Just read the label.

Kleenex anything else on that sensitive nose of yours and you may end up with a raw and stuffy nose.

Humidifier going all day, not just for bed time will do wonders.

Chicken caldo is the perfect feel better, get healthy soup.  If you are to sick and not able to make it yourself find a local Mexican restaurant to do the work for you.

Hot shower to ward off those icky germs.  We do a hot shower in the morning and one before bedtime,  this is one of the times I think the hotter (or more tolerable) the water the better.

Wash sheets, pillow cases often and don’t allow the sick person to stay in the same clothes for too many hours.

Do you have any home remedy style tips on what to do for a cold?  I’d love to hear them.


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