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You’re Doing Okay Mom #YoureDoingOkMom #LatinaBloggers

You're Doing Okay Mom #YoureDoingOkMom #LatinaBloggers

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Being a mom isn’t always easy.  Truth be told I have had many not so proud moments where I have let the struggles of motherhood get the best of me.  But with my not so proud moments I can trump them with amazing moments.  Moments that I feel I am doing a great job at this mom thing.  I spend so much time criticizing myself and dwelling on the stresses of motherhood that today I am sharing with you moments that make me realize “You’re Doing Okay Mom”.

You're Doing Okay Mom #YoureDoingOkMom #LatinaBloggers mombrody

A simple smile from the rear view mirror from my youngest reminds me, I’m doing okay.

At night when my middle child asks if he can get in bed with us until he falls asleep, reminds me I am doing okay.

When I made macaroni casserole with turkey and bacon tonight, and my youngest told me this was the best food he has ever eaten, I was reminded I am doing okay.

When my oldest walked up to me after practice sweaty from head to toe and gave me a bear hug, I am reminded I am doing okay.

I am having a blast raising three boys.  My three boys are healthy, eat home cooked meals A LOT, spend their days being homeschooled, and most importantly always know they can turn to me.  All of these contribute to me making it all come together.   I have learned a lot while being their mom and for that I am reminded I am doing okay.  My patience in life has grown ten fold, my heart is full knowing my blood runs deep.

So I encourage you to take a step back and remind yourself “you’re doing okay mom” by watching the short video below.  

Watching the video will  Donate $1 to Save the Children®.

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