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Zoobie Pet Giveaway ends 8/23

I have been looking forward to the day when little D would find his favorite toy or item.  My other boys took to their fave comfort pieces early on.  BJ was 7 months old when we realized he had to have his minky dot blanket in his crib to fall asleep (it was a texture thing).  AJ had a “papi “pacifier and it was our saving grace.  But, DJ at 17 months had showed no signs of attachment to anything.  He’s very easy going and for the most part adapts to new things well.  He plays with his toys, but isn’t in love with any of them.   Then came along Lencho™  the Lion, a Zoobies pet blanket pal.

From the moment he met Lencho, he was sold.   He has now become his staple blanket and he drags poor Lencho along for the ride.  He cries if I try to fold it up and put the blanket in it’s pocket. Explaining that Lencho is also a comfy pillow is not an option, yet.  DJ is a cuddler and enjoys curling up on the couch early mornings and covering up with his Zoobie pet.  He even gives him random kisses.

Zoobies come in a wide variety of pets.  It really is hard to choose your favorite.  I had a hard time deciding on Lencho, because there are just so many adorable pets to choose from.  We really do love him, it makes for a great way to travel with a blanket, pillow and pet all in one.   You wouldn’t guess that a 44″ x 34″ blanket would unfold out of Lencho either.  It’s huge and can cover both little ones.

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