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Why is 12 Weeks Safe to Announce Pregnancy

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There are so many different opinions on when to announce pregnancy. Most people will say that 12 weeks is a safe time to announce a pregnancy. So what is so significant about the twelfth week and should you hold off that long. 


When I wrote this post initially, I was 13 weeks pregnant with baby number 3. Seven weeks ago I took an at-home pregnancy test in my bathroom and was in shock that two lines appeared. Our middle son is currently 19 months old and I had planned to wait until he was at least two before we would consider a third. Fate had other plans and before I had a chance to plan anything we were in the throes of preparing for another baby.  I have had two miscarriages and was cautiously expecting this baby. Every day becomes a milestone as you tiptoe through life pregnant especially when you are concerned that something could go wrong.

why is 12 weeks safe to announce pregnancy

I went to my thirteen-week ultrasound nervous that we would be leaving with bad news. I didn’t want history to repeat itself and I expected to hear that there was no heartbeat or a blood clot, or the sack was abnormal. Things I had heard before consumed me. As the doctor confirmed the baby was developing right on target I could only think to ask “why is 12 weeks safe to announce pregnancy?”.

My doctor suggested that any time after 14 weeks put the risk of a miscarriage at 5%. She also assured me that there was no wrong time either. 

Why is 12 Weeks Safe to Announce Pregnancy

By the 12th week, the baby has a strong heartbeat and is strikingly looking like a human. You will have an ultrasound around this time and it will definitely help give you more insight on how your baby is developing. Usually, we’re expecting moments happen right after. Now for some people, it doesn’t matter and they want to celebrate the baby from the very moment they find out and I think that is amazing. I am not much for keeping secrets either and can totally get behind the idea of announcing a pregnancy right after peeing on a stick. It really is all a matter of how private you and your significant other want to keep this special news.

How to calculate your pregnancy

  • The first day of your last menstrual cycle. That is considered day 1 in terms of your new cycle and in terms of pregnancy. So technically you aren’t even pregnant yet.
  • Conception date. If you were completely in tune with your cycle, charting, temping and calculating you probably know when you conceived. Don’t confuse the day you had intercourse with your conception date. Just because you had intercourse on day 14 of your cycle doesn’t mean you actually conceived on day 14. Ovulation is tricky and unless you have been tracking your ovulation you may have intercourse on day 14 and not conceive until day 16.

When is a good time to share the baby news?

When you want. There is no hard fast rule. 

For some people the moment they are pregnant they want to shout if from the rooftop. And that is perfectly fine. Sadly not all pregnancies stick and losing a pregnancy in the first trimester is very common.

After the First Trimester 

Now that you have that magical date and know how far along you are, you can decide when you feel comfortable sharing the news. 14 weeks is the official start of your second trimester.

So why do people wait to share the amazing news? Losing a pregnancy abruptly at any time is an awful experience. Even if you just found out you are pregnant and days later realize you are suffering a miscarriage, it is a very emotional time. When I suffered my first miscarriage, it was miserable for me to have to share the news. I wanted to mourn the pregnancy alone, but I felt obligated to talk about it. I also felt like no one said the right thing. The last thing you want to hear is “you can try again” and no amount of “I’m so sorry, to hear that” makes you feel better. It’s all about personal preference and how much you want to put out there.

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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