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Soybean Oil Recipes to Try

Soybean Oil Recipes

Last month I introduced you to soybean oil.   I had no clue it was already an essential part of most oils we use.  I am always trying to figure out how to create the healthiest meals possible without sacrificing the food we love.   Using soybean oil in the kitchen, is one of the little changes I can make that make a big difference.  

 Check your oils label you may already be using soybean oil.  If not here are a few reasons to make the switch.  Soybean oil contains 0g trans fats per serving, omega-3s, vitamin E and has unsaturated fats.  I posted this great perfectly seared pork tenderloin soybean oil recipe last month and it is one of my favorites.  

5 soybean oil recipes I am loving right now.



Mornings always start off better when you have a Berry Muffin filled with whole grains, flax, blueberries and soybean oil!  Make muffins the night before and warm them up for a quick healthy snack for your entire family.  With this simple recipe you can have fresh flax and berry muffins in less than thirty minutes.


I am naturally a meat and potatoes girl but my metabolism can’t keep up with my love for the carbs. Lean sliced beef is one of my favorites.  It keeps my meal from being heavy. Add in some greens and a gingery soy dressing and quickly will become a favorite.  The perfect beef Salad with Ginger Soy Recipe.


Oh my word, my weakness is fried foods.  Seriously who’s isn’t, right?  I was introduced to fish tacos on a taco truck, years ago.  I never attempted to recreate them because I had no idea what exactly they had in them to make them so great.  Using Soybean oil to fry is the perfect option since it’s high smoke point is 465°F.   Soy Connection has a great recipe that includes fried fish topped with pickled, spicy Kimchi, and a crunchy taco shell.  This is a quick and fresh Crispy Fish Tacos with Kimchi recipe.


This may have to be one of my favorite snacks to curb my sweet tooth cravings.  Dried Fruit, soynuts and the brown sugar pair perfectly to keep you wanting more.  This recipe for Nut Fruit Clusters is also great for homemade gift giving. Valentine’s perhaps?


15 minutes to the perfect breakfast.  Wow your family with Berry Pancakes.  They will never know they are  100% whole-grain and lactose free.  Soy Berry Pancakes Recipe.

Do you have any favorite soybean oil recipes?



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