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Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffin

Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffin Recipe

My boys and husband love breakfast.  And not a bagle or bowl of cereal, they want a big breakfast with eggs, bacon, biscuits… I’m not much of a breakfast person and am good with a slice of toast at most.  Getting in the kitchen first thing in the morning is not very fun either.  So today I bring you one of my favorite easy meals that combines everything my family loves without all the work.  I have been seeing pictures of these egg style muffins floating around the internet, so I had to try and create them myself.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffin

We have been making them here for a few weeks and they are always a huge hit with the kids, maybe more along the lines of epic.  They love the “mini meal” and it reminds them of cupcakes.  I love that it is a throw together style meal and I can whip these together  fast.  The prep takes 5 minutes and cook time is 30.  Cook time allows for you to do all those more important morning tasks instead of hovering over a stove…love!!

Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffin ingredients

For our family of 5, I make 8 muffins, the little guys only eat one a piece. But you can adjust to how many you want and need for your family.  My husband and older son usually have two maybe three.  You will need a Bacon slice for each muffin, eggs (use  6 eggs -for 8 muffins), shredded cheese of your choice, cooking spray and muffin tin.

Preheat oven 350 degrees.

Spray a good layer of cooking spray on the tin, to keep everything from sticking.  Place one strip of bacon in a ring in each muffin.  (I don’t cover the bottom, just the inner ring.)  Whisk eggs in a bowl and fill each bacon filled muffin tin about 3/4 full.  Sprinkle with your favorite shredded cheese ( I love a good cheddar cheese or mozzarella.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffin

Place in oven 30 minutes.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffin

And done.  Pop them out with a fork.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffin

And serve!  These would be great for a pot luck breakfast

Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffin

Bacon Egg and Cheese Muffin Recipe.

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