Shop and Make Money Zuuzs

Okay my little shopping queens and kings.  What's the first thing you do when you want to buy something online?  I will give you time to think...think...think... Do you give up? The first thing you should be doing is logging into Zuuzs!  Don't have a free Zuuzs account?  That's okay it's

Hot Deals for your Website or Blog

Okay all my amazing web professionals!  Check out this 30 second clip and jump on board with Mighty Deals for the FREEbies and must haves to make your blog or website top notch. If your interested in getting paid for posting videos on your site, fb or twitter page sign up

Are you an Influenster?

Have you heard of  influenster?  I signed up with them a few months ago.  It was probably because it was recommended to me, but as I seem to do sometimes I signed up book marked it and never made the time to give it a go.  I received an email inviting me

Blogging For Free! How Much is your post worth?

Blogging for Free? The competition in the blogging world is stiff.  A bloggers main goal is to stand out among the crowd.   So we spend countless hours writing up an engaging post, researching the topic, work in the anchor text, get a few great keywords, configure the perfect title, plugin to the

How To find become a Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Want to  become a brand ambassador? I wish there was a secret place to go that shared all the great opportunities, but there isn't  wamp, wamp, wamp... there's a ton of places to find Brand Ambassadorships :)  You have to keep your eyes out for them, though. As

Monetize your Blog Sponsored Posts & Paid Reviews

  Today we are talking Sponsored Posts and Paid Reviews.  Like I've said before I am only promoting places that have worked for me.  There are oodles of campaign networks out there that will pay you for Sponsored Posts.    When accepting a Sponsored Post: Make sure the theme or idea of the

Monetize with Advertising and Affiliate links

  Part 2 Ad Space and Affiliates Ad Space That sidebar of yours is prime real estate.  Treat your above the fold like a high end  uptown loft with a door man.  And below the fold that's a great space too, a little more modest but still prime real estate.  Ad space can

How to Monetize your blog

Before you begin to make money off your blog you need to set your blog up for success.  All blog niches can earn you income even if you don't want to bog up your blog with ads.  This will be a 5 part series.  We will break into the  ways

SEO Titles and Permalinks tips

SEO Titles and Permalinks tips

When writing SEO titles and permalinks, I typically start with an idea for a post. In this case it is titles and permalink tips. Taking the time to do  a little research looking for the best keyword(s) is a great habit. The google keyword planner is a great resource for finding relevant keywords.

Sponsored Tweets payouts

I love these emails! I'm not at celebrity status getting $100 plus a tweet, but $3 for 140 characters... I'm happy with it. Now as long as these offers keep rolling in. Are you on the Sponsored Tweet train?  If not jump on and start getting paid for