Celebrate Lovin’ More with McDonald’s

Mc Donald's celebrate lovin' more

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Behind every great kid, is a person who has made it their life’s work to mold a beautiful human being. I have had days where I utterly failed at being a great mom. But I have come to realize that everyday brings a new opportunity to inspire my babies, an opportunity to get up and try again.

I am thrilled to share with you that McDonald’s is adding more lovin’ to the world by amping up their philosophy of “billions served” to “billions heard”. Evolving the relationship between the business of McDonald’s and the customers to inspire more lovin’. A philosophy that I share with my family.

As a mom to three boys I have made it my mission to encourage my children every single day to be lovin’ individuals through positivity, hard work and kindness. For me it’s not only about being an A student, being the best athlete, it’s more about being a great person. I want them to be individuals who do the right thing. When they see someone struggling to open a door, I want them to without apprehension hold the door open. I want them to be concerned that abuelita lives home alone and can use a visitor every now and then. I want them to remember that in our own community there are families who are struggling with how they will put food on the table. for their family.

To encourage my own children to be these individuals, I lead by example. Routinely we visit abuela, some days we surprise her with her favorite filet-o-fish lunch, flowers and lasting conversation. We take time out of our busy weekends every month or so and volunteer at our local food pantry. We sit and chat over a happy meal and a salad about how exciting it is to be a kindergartener.

Small opportunities to make someone’s day a little easier, especially are own days, make a big difference. It’s all about spreading the lovin’ and encouraging do good moments.

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This is sponsored post in collaboration with McDonald’s and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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