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Dole Fruit Parfait Cups

Dole fruit parfait cups review

The temptation of a sweet treat, gets me daily.  I must say my littlest has quite the sweet tooth himself.  We all know I am very conscious of what we eat at home.  I am frequently adding to my families quest on how to stop eating junk food.  Fruit cups are my savior for little D.  He took to fruit quite early in his first year, so I often stash fruit cups in our diaper bag and have them on hand for any constant snack times.

I have come across the DOLE Fruit Parfait cups before, but wasn’t sure how the crème would go over.  We finally had the opportunity to try them out and with the DOLE Fruit Parfaits being all natural fruit cups rich in Vitamin C, naturally low fat, cholesterol free and low in sodium, I was happy to give them a try.

My oldest boys wanted to have nothing to do with them at first sight.  But when I showed them the apple and crème cups opened they both couldn’t resist and gave them a try. My husband and I gave the pineapple and crème a try while D had the peaches and crème.

dole fruit parfait cups

My first thought was the pineapple was a little tart.  But after mixing the crème all together in the cup I was happily amazed with the light and refreshing taste.  I will add that the cups for our family were best eaten cold out of the refrigerator.  Our first tries eating them we all thought they would be better cold, so we stuck them all in the fridge and had them after dinner.   My husband enjoyed his “not mixed” together  also.  He used the crème like an added treat with each spoonful.  D wasn’t to fond of the peaches alone but once mixed all together,  he could tell the difference and went for more.   AJ and Brody loved the apple and  crème most and both agreed they were a great snack.

In all we are adding the Dole Parfait cups to our pantry snacks.  The Apple and pineapple where by far favored more in our home.  Everyone enjoyed them and had there favorite way of eating them.

Dole Fruit Parfait cups review on a thirfty diva surviving mommy hoodDOLE Fruit Parfait cups are available in three flavors and found in the canned fruit section in your grocery store and online.

Pineapple and Cème

Apples and Crème

Peaches and Crème

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Disclaimer: I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and DOLE partnered in support of this campaign. DOLE compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Dole Fruit Parfait cups

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