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The Diaper Search, HEB Baby Diapers #HEBBabyDiapers AD

The Diaper Search, HEB Baby Diapers #HEBBabyDiapers


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of H-E-B Baby Diapers.

The Diaper Search, HEB Baby Diapers #HEBBabyDiapers

I have always been a bit of a diaper snob with my babies.  I start out with this precious perfectly made newborn baby and it’s like the only diaper I will use is the most expensive package of diapers on the market.  It’s like a magnet that comes over me when I hit the baby aisle, because in my crazy mommy brain I think the most expensive diaper is somehow the best.  I worry about diaper rash, perfumes, leak protection and somehow I attribute this to the price I will pay.

when my little guy hit 8 months or so and we had gone through oh about 2,000 diapers, I had enough of the money I was spending.  I have tried just about every diaper on the market.  This time taking into account price per diaper and the actual diapers ability to protect my babies bum.  Enter HEB baby diapers, they have been my go to diaper for quite a while for so many reasons.  When I went shopping a few weeks ago, I realized HEB had upped the ante with an improved diaper, same price and all of the needs I look for in a diaper.

The Diaper Search, HEB Baby Diapers #HEBBabyDiapers

My now toddler has a new diaper with big improvements.  The better fit means he is not shifting his diaper around and it’s not bulky under his clothes.  There is a sense of comfort to watch my little guy jump, crawl, and not fidgit with his diaper.   The soft cloth-like curved core rests gently on him without all the gaps that make for a leaky night.  The diapers also have a nice stretchy band and ring around the legs that doesn’t dig into his thighs.  The absorbent design is thin and not bulky, what’s not to like about that.  HEB baby diapers are a win-win for myself and my little guy.  

The Diaper Search, HEB Baby Diapers #HEBBabyDiapers

HEB Baby Diapers offer:

  • Up to 12 hrs of leakage protection
  • Soft stretch waist & side panels for a great fit
  • Cottony soft outer cover
  • Hypoallergenic inner liner with Natural Botanicals, Vitamin E and Aloe – Fragrance Free!
  • Thin and shaped for a better fit
  • Newly redesigned to better meet the needs of your baby
  • Quality & Value – working together!
  • Money back Guarantee


Shop these quality HEB diapers and other HEB baby products at your local H-E-B grocers.
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