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MasterLock Safety For Students

August brings a new school year and all those exciting new school supplies, books, gadgets and electronics.  It seems we get a little more techie with each year that passes.   With all those great gadgets comes the big question. How to stay safe and keep your items safe at school?   Laptop, iPad, kindle, phones, all those awesome products that are beneficial to us and have become amazing tools for learning are also those same items that need to be taken care of and safe. 

Taking only the essentials.

keep them locked up. 

Label or have all of your essentials engraved.

keep items out of sight until you need to use them.

Lock it up.

Master Lock dialSpeed


Test your safety and security knowledge and take the Master Combo Challenge on the Masterlock facebook page.


Disclosure: I wrote this post in conjunction with a contest for a Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

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