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Tetra Pack Shelf Safe Milk #milkunleashed

All about Tetra Pack

If you have children especially toddlers you are all to familiar with the power of milk.  It’s not only a necessity but it is also coveted when you have a cranky child.  My son looks forward to milk morning, noon and night.  Although we do limit his milk intake to 3-4 cups a day, he does expect it.  And if he had it his way he would live off of it.  Needless to say with two toddlers we go through a lot of milk.  When we are out and about on our almost daily excursions I don’t leave home without a sippy cup of milk.  We use  insulated sippy cups and lunch box packs to carry milk on the go but it never fails that we more times than not end up with warm or worse curdled milk.  I always end up throwing out milk for fear of getting one of the boys sick.  Now that we are moving away from our sippy cup attachment I have transitioned to a convenient, compact and easy alternative to having milk on hand.  Tetra Pack Shelf safe milk is the perfect solution.

Tetra Pack shelf safe milk

Tetra Pack Shelf safe milk comes in a variety of options to suit the needs  of all milk fans.  

I love Tetra Pack shelf safe milk

The convenient cartons are perfect for taking with us when off to run errands.  We have an instant healthy snack and carton of milk on hand to keep the kids on the go.  And as long as I keep them at room temperature I don’t have to worry about milk going bad.  My kids have no issue’s drinking room temperature milk.   If you happen to have finicky kids a great trick is to keep a few in the freezer.  When you are packing lunches or out for the day grab a frozen milk and it will be a perfect cold drink in a few hours.  

 There are endless reasons why I am a huge fan of shelf safe milk.  The convenience of not having to worry about milk on the go is by far my favorite.  Keep a couple in the kids bag and we are always prepared. When we take a trip to visit family our car is packed with snacks and shelf safe milk.  We used to take half a gallon of milk or multiple sippy cups filled with milk in an ice chest, just to make it through the trip.  Talk about a pain and don’t try to fill a sippy cup in a moving car, disaster.

Are you a fan of the tetra pack shelf safe milk?  How would shelf safe milk make your life easier?


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Tetra Pack

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