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Velvet Cupcake Chapstick and Sprinkles

Celebrate your next occasion with Velvet Cupcake Chapstick.

velvet cupcake sprinkles and chapstick


We are celebrating my husbands birthday this week.  He turns the big 36 and it’s all about celebration in our house.  There’s nothing more special to our kids than announcing it’s someones birthday.   In honor of the celebration I am dedicating a week of  dinners and desserts to my husband and tonight we are finally trying Sprinkles cupcakes.  Sprinkles comes in a canister, did you know?   I had no clue, but I am thrilled to make these babies at home.  I have heard so many amazing things about these famous cupcakes so getting to make them here for our family is an extra special treat.

velvet cupcake sprinkles

My love for baking is also enough to get me making these fancy cupcakes.  The cupcake recipe from Sprinkles  is easy peasy and also comes with instructions to make the delicious cream cheese frosting, by the way more than enough for the 12 cupcakes.  Not to forget the famous dot designs are also included and my kids thought they were super cool.

Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake

velvet cupcake sprinkles

We kicked off the week of celebration with these fabulous cupcakes for dessert.

velvet cupcake sprinkle party


No celebration is complete without party hats.

Celebrate with Velvet Cupcake Chapstick

velvet cupcake and cake batter chapstick

How do you celebrate special birthdays?  ChapStick has come out with limited edition cake batter and velvet cupcake Chapsticks.  The guilt-free alternative to having your cake.  The cake-inspired flavors moisten your lips with the sweet flavors of velvet cupcake and cake batter flavors.

You can find these limited edition chapsticks at Walmart, CVS and Walgreens nationwide for a limited time.  Pick one up for your favorite persons birthday or celebration and use the back of the wrapper to personalize it as a sweet gift.  Make that small sentiment extra special with yummy chapstick.   I am definitely adding these to birthday gifts.  The flavors are just as yummy as the sprinkles cupcakes we had for dinner.  I am obsessed with these soft and sweet chapstick flavors.

Connect with ChapStick on their site and on Facebook.

Disclosure: “The ChapStick® velvet cupcake  product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.  Velvet Cupcake

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