I see my glass half full

michelle cantu headshots 2015 1

I like to end each month reflecting on my blessings and thinking about what is yet to come. Today I had one of those deep reflection moments. Just me, a white mocha cappuccino and my daily planner. As I do every morning, I drop the boys off at school and come home to plan my […]

Five Morning Hacks | El Monterey Signature breakfast burritos


Everyday victories are pretty priceless in my book. As a mom I want to feel my best every morning and refuse to be that frazzled mom still in her pajamas hiding behind over-sized sunglasses in the morning drop off lane. I have been “that mom” one to many times, they are so inopportune and embarrassing.  In […]

10 Must Have Beauty Tools at CVS Beauty 360

10 Must Have Beauty Tools at CVS Beauty 360

Scrubbers, trimmers, buffers… I love them and I surely do obsess over a good tool. Beauty tools are essential to the beauty routine and I am pretty picky with my tools.  The better the tools the easier it is to get the job done. CVS beauty carries their own line Beauty 360 that includes all the beauty tools I […]

Everyday Look with Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion

michelle purple hair

Newsflash I still have purple hair!  It wasn’t such a big deal during our week of vacation, but this week it is back to reality and pulling my look together is very important. I love my hair, but I know it teeters on the verge of rebellion teen and that definitely isn’t the vibe this […]

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit {Review}

physicians formula eye booster instant lash extension kit

  Every morning I run out of the house with a minimum of mascara and lip balm. Depending on the amount of times I hit snooze, basically determines how put together I actually look. Mascara instantly transforms my look and is my basic essential. My eyelash problem is not thickness, but the length. I have tons of […]