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In a few short weeks I will be traveling a lot. It’s conference season and baseball season and SPRING will be here! Yes! My calendar is jam packed with, be here and go there. In true blogger fashion my work must go with me. Heck, if I am going to be away from home for most the day, I will usually have all of my essentials with me. The Carri backpack has come into my life at just the right time. Instead of carrying a purse, computer bag and camera bag. I have simplified the three to have one completely functional backpack.

Carri Original Backpack / Coach leather wallet / Soundbuds / Case Mate iPhone 6+ /   Sony Camera / Erin Condren life planner / MacBook / Mophie Power station

About Carri Original Backpack

The Carri Backpack is beautifully constructed and sturdy. With over 11 pockets and a Neoprene Sleeve, I can safely store all of my essential tech products. There is a spot for my laptop, tablet, phone and so much more. The padding adds structure to the bag so it doesn’t shrink up even when empty. I can safely keep my my wallet, SD card and extra important smaller items in the zippered areas. The cushion shock absorber at the bottom adds extra protection so I don’t have to worry about how I set it down. Another key feature is the extra padded back and shoulder straps, making carrying the backpack comfortable and supported. 

About Carri

Carri was founded in 2013 by a mother and son team who had a goal to not only make a great product, but to also pursue a mission of giving back. The purchase of a Carri backpack enables Carri to donate a custom backpack to an American child in need. The need for backpacks is great, low income children need to have a place to keep their valuables and school items everyday. They need a quality backpack that will survive the everyday wears and tears and last them. Backpacks donated go straight to Childhelp, YMCA Bright Beginnings or Communities In Schools.

Buy a backpack. Give a backpack.

Shop Carri backpacks and connect with Carri on facebook and twitter @CarriCollection.

carri original backpack

Sick Days…

sick days in bed

Guess who gets to miss school, AGAIN this week. Brody has had 3 sick days in the past week. He managed to make it to school Tuesday and Thursday. He is ‘knock on wood’ better, but it  just so happens he has a dentist appointment that was scheduled last month today and when they said they where “fitting him in” it kind of put me in a we need to make this appointment work frame of mind.  

This whole missing school fiasco started last Friday when Brody woke up running a fever. Actually Aiden was sick for the second day in a row by then, so it was officially a sick day in our house. By Saturday bam, 4 of us where hit with fevers and feeling yucky. LC managed to dodge our germy mess, lucky guy. The flu has been terrorizing our elementary and middle school the past month.  It’s been so bad more than half of my oldest sons basketball team has been out with the flu. Apparently San Antonio has the 2nd highest flu activity in the country right now, so I was cautiously expecting a few sick days to enter our lives.

By Sunday we had all started to feel better and that afternoon I declared everyone healthy enough to prepare for the new week. As I got the kids ready for bed we realized Brody was running another fever and that was the end of his, I’m feeling better streak.

On Monday morning instead of heading to school he and I headed to our urgent care and the doctor assured us he didn’t have bronchitis, the flu or any other pressing illness. She was right, he had no fever the rest of that day and Tuesday he was back in the swing of things and off to school.

Enter Tuesday night and a terrible phlegm sounding cough accompanied another dreaded fever. It was a terrible night for my little guy, he was constantly waking up choking from an uncontrollable cough.

So Wednesday we took another sick day and imagine that, he miraculously didn’t get a fever and his cough seemed to clear up by mid-day. 

I took my chances and sent  Brody back to school Thursday.  We made it through the day and bed time fever free.

As usual each night I go over my calendar of things I am doing the next day and guess what, ‘BRODY DENTIST APPT. 8 AM’. Can we get a redo of this week and no more sick days! I mean we are so thrilled it’s Fri-yay, but I don’t think I got any real work done this week.

San Antonio Moms Win a Night on the Town ($250 value)

You're Doing Okay Mom #YoureDoingOkMom #LatinaBloggers

Enter the “What’s Your SuperMom Name?” contest for a chance to win a night on the town worth $250!

The Institute for Women’s Health has launched a fun quiz for San Antonio moms. The social media contest recognizes great moms who do so much to nurture the next generation of San Antonio leaders. Launched during Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, the largest San Antonio OBGYN practice is inviting area mothers to participate in the “What’s Your SuperMom Name?” contest.

One lucky San Antonio SuperMom can enter for a chance to win a $250 night out on the town, which includes dinner at Dough Pizzeria and Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club tickets. To enter the free contest visit Institue for Women’s Health online. Take the quiz and learn your SuperMom Name! It’s fun and takes all of a few seconds to complete. Your SuperMom name is created using the first initial of the mother’s name and the first initial of the child’s name. 

Contest runs through Feb. 15, 2015 

Rules: only one entry allowed per household. The winner will be chosen at random from the online entries. 

one lucky “SuperMom” Institute for Women’s Health launches fun quiz for San Antonio moms

“We wanted to recognize the great work of so many SuperMoms who make our city so great,” said Estefania Arguellas, an IFWH spokeswoman.

About Institute For Women’s Health

The Institute For Women’s Health was formed on May 1,1996. Since then, they have continued to expand the practice to become one of the largest San Antonio OB/GYN and fertility practices in the region. Institute For Women’s Health currently has nine medical offices strategically located around San Antonio. Clinically, they are privileged to have more than 30 physicians, a nurse practitioner and eight sonographers.

Also make sure to follow the Institute For Women’s Health on Facebook and Twitter @ifwhsa.

Dessert Table Featuring SNICKERS Pudding Trifles

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snack table mini desserts with snickers
The big game is this weekend and we are planning another epic homegating shindig.  My very favorite part of having a house full of our friends and family is the spread of delicious eats and treats. I headed to my local Walmart this weekend to purchase all of the necessities for our big game day homegating party. Today I am sharing the highlight of my dessert table. It’s all about the Mini SNICKERS®! I took my favorite nougat caramel, peanuts and chocolate SNICKERS and added it to Pudding Trifles. I rounded out the dessert table with cookies, brownies, Skittles, lifesavers and more SNICKERS . The perfectly portioned desserts are easy to eat right in front of the big screen. I found the SNICKERS in multiple sizes (my personal favorite funsize), Skittles and Lifesavers in the candy aisle at Walmart. 

candy aisle at walmart snickers

The mini SNICKERS Pudding Trifle is a delicious punch of goodness.

snickers lifesavers dessert table

Mini SNICKERS Pudding Trifles Ingredients
1 large bag SNICKERS (chopped) 

1 8 oz. Whipped Topping

1 package Chocolate Pudding 

Makes 6 mini SNICKERS pudding trifles. 

Make chocolate pudding according to box directions and let set. Once set, take your SNICKERS funsize candies and chop up approx. 2 cups on SNICKERS.

chopped up snickers

Start by layering all the goodness. I start with a small handful of chopped SNICKERS as the bottom layer. Next a large spoonful of chocolate pudding.

layer trifle recipe snickers pudding

The third layer is a heaping spoon of whipped topping. And start the process all over again.

second layer snickers bites whipped topping

Whalla! You now have a layered mini SNICKERS pudding trifle.

mini snickers pudding trifles for game day

dessert table mini trifles
Do you have any game day dessert recipes I should add to my dessert table this weekend? I’d love to hear what you plan on making for the Big Game! Leave a comment below.

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How to Throw an Engagement Party

So you have the idea to throw an engagement party for your best friend.   There are so many great reasons these two deserve a celebration in their honor and you feel compelled to host it for them.  What now?  I have pulled together simple tips to throw an Engagement Party (on a budget).
how to throw an Engagement party

 How to Throw an Engagement Party

  • Schedule your party with a start and end time.  Two hours is perfect.  Besides having to overstock items this also keeps guests from showing up considerably late when you throw an engagement party.


  • Using your own space or borrow a friends. If you don’t want to cram everyone in a home, try  your neighborhood cabanas and shaded areas that are first come, first serve. These can be prime spots with a little creative decor and someone who can stake it out for you.    


  • Schedule your party after lunch or late evening.  Serve appetizer foods or a dessert only table. Keep the items easy, inexpensive and your guests will be happy.


  • Hire a bartender to make 2-3 drinks tops. Decide on the drinks beforehand and have a menu of what’s available for guests to see.  A wipe away board is great for displaying whats available.  If the bartender runs out of something just let him know to erase it.  No need to have everything under the sun available.  Add a few bottles of wine and a few beer selections.    Think easy drinks with minimal ingredients.  


  • Keep guests entertained with music playing throughout the party.


  • BYOW – Bring Your Own Wine invites.  A simple card asking to come celebrate the couples impending nuptials by bringing a bottle of wine to toast.


  • A romantic bar that offers a private area is a great consideration.  You can work out the space for free if you buy a few bottles and have a bartender serving drinks.  Most bars are apt to bottle discounts if you secure the space for a couple of hours early in the evening.  That gets their bar filled and guests are likely to stay after the party.  Opt for simple appetizers from a local eatery that are light and inexpensive.


  • A restaurant with a live band is also an option for keeping guests entertained. Consider the cost of food and drinks.  Look for restaurants that offer a buffet style options for your party or have a menu just for guests to order off of that have pre-selected entrees and drinks. This will help you know the cost ahead of time.


  • Skip the decorations and opt for a engagement party favors to get everyone toasting.  If you are going with BYOW have a sweet gift waiting for your guests.  If you aren’t asking guests to bring wine, have this beautiful “LOVE” Pourer and Bottle Stopper gift ready for when they leave.  Add a simple tag telling them to toast to the couple at home. 

How to throw an engagement party. Do you have any tips to share, I’d love to hear them?