4 simple Ideas To Prepare Your Home For Entertaining

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 Holiday entertaining is around the corner. In our family it’s a time for enjoying each others company, great food and lots of quality time.  Truth be told we will find just about any reason to have a party. Last day of school for Thanksgiving break, baking for Thanksgiving day, all immediate reasons to have friends and family over and entertain.  That’s basically how I remember my time at my Abuelas growing up.  It’s part of our culture to turn just about any event into a reason to entertain.  To keep my home ready for company at almost anytime I have turned to my roots and taken a few pages from grandmas book.

4 simple Ideas Home Entertaining 

The Bathroom 

Let’s face it this is a space that needs to be looking its best. All it takes is ten minutes each evening to have your bathroom looking clean around the clock. I keep a spray bottle of homemade shower cleaner under the sink.  After my shower I spray down the toilet bowl, shower, sink and counter top.  Let that sit while I sweep, replace the hand towel and then wipe everything down for a nice clean space.  To give the room that final touch, I have made the upgrade to the new Charmin plus the scent of Chamomile toilet tissue. Charmin plus chamomile tissue paper is bringing back an old time favorite in my home. I grew up with scented toilet paper a staple in my abuelas home. This family tradition made it’s way into my own home with the delicate scent of Chamomile. The soothing scent is the perfect touch to invite my guests into a more enjoyable bathroom experience.  The Charmin plus Chamomile toilet tissue instantly  freshens up the space.


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Capture, Create, Share, with the GoPro Hero BestBuy

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Hero lifestyle 3 Capture, Create, Share, with the GoPro Hero BestBuy

This my friends is the ultimate must have in action cameras.  From adventure seekers to obsessed memory makers the GoPro cameras capture quality, convenience and make it simple to share your favorite moments.  The full line of GoPro cameras and accessories are vailable at Best Buy.  Best Buy is home to the latest cameras and camcorders so there is sure to be something to fulfill every camera lovers wish list.

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift? For Kids, teens and even our favorite gadget gurus the GoPro cameras are a must have addition. For us the GoPro has inspired adventure and more reasons to make memories.  It’s a way to get those teenagers out of the house, their nose out of devices and off to make their own incredible adventure.

Shop GoPro Hero BestBuy must haves with 3 new cameras to meet the needs of different levels of adventure seekers.


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How to Maximize your Holiday Budget

We have ten full weeks before it’s Christmas time.  Soon you will be shuffling around to find those perfect gifts, wrapping your little hearts out and then it happens the reality that you have spent a ton of money.  Whether you have the money to spend or not, it’s time to start preparing hardcore. Because who doesn’t want to still come out on top after Christmas.  I know what your thinking, you probably haven’t even gotten your kids Halloween costume yet, and then there is Thanksgiving preparations.  It all comes so fast, but with these simple how to maximize your holiday budget tips will help you rock this holiday season.    

how to maximize your holiday budget. yes there is an app for that

How to maximize your holiday budget.

Put away $40 each week for the next 10 weeks

What’s $40 a week in your world?  For our family of five it means we would have to skip out on just one fast food meal a week.  Totally doable and it’s perfectly fine to opt for another budget friendly meal in a week. Sandwiches, anyone?!  In just ten weeks you will have an extra $400 saved up.  I can knockout quite a few of my favorite peoples wishlist with that extra savings.  

Savings Apps Pay You Back and Save you Money 

Are you using your smart phone to save you money?  How about earn you some cash? Here are the apps I am currently obsessed with when it comes to saving and earning. I have all of these apps in a folder on my iPhone.  Right before I run into my favorite stores or grocery shop I check out these apps and look for any potential items I could use.  Extra bonus if you happen to have a manufacturer coupon for any of these items found on the apps.  You are able to use a coupon and still get the deals found on these apps. 

Ibotta is available on google play and the App store.  Simply go here to get the app and start earning money. The app will save you money when you make purchases for the items available on the app.  All you have to do is scan the item at home and snap a pic of your receipt.  Give Ibotta a day or two to verify and you will have money sitting in your account.  When you are ready to cash out (minimum $5) you can get your savings sent to your paypal, Venmo, starbucks, regal or itunes.  SWEET, right! 

Snap is available on google play and the App store.  Simply go here to get the app and get cash back for your purchases.  Snap allows you to cash out via check with a minimum of $20.

Shopmium available on google play and the App store.  Simple go here and use my referral code: YHYMAFPW to score a FREE Lindt chocolate bar. Shopmium has no minimum to cashout, just request money to your paypal account or request a check.

Target Cartwheel because we can never get enough target, this app is perfect.  You will need to use it in store as opposed to the apps above that you can do at home.  It’s still very simple though, just look for offers and make sure to add them to your apps barcode.  When you go to pay, show your cashier the barcode.  They will simply scan your phone and then you will automatically get the discount on any items you purchased that are in the offers you clicked on.

Take a Realistic Approach to Gift Giving 


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Never Stop Dreaming Sleeping Beauty

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Are you a dreamer?  I am a total dreamer and always imagine what I will be doing a year from now.  How life will have progressed for me.  What great things my family and I will accomplish.  It’s time to take a step back and introduce the idea of following our dreams with my own children.  Although I am quite certain they see the dreams my husband and I strive for, I want them to see how fun and exciting it can all be to set up their own dreams.

How do we make dreams come true?  Make a dream board!  A board that is filled with all of our short and long term goals.  What do we want to accomplish, what do we want to learn, what do we want to see?  With a little creativity and imagination we can make life a little more fun and interesting by setting goals and working to accomplish them.


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Milk and Oatmeal Recipes #HerenciaLeche

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milkPEP  oatmeal recipe ideas

It’s crazy busy around here, my only wish is that there was just a little more time in the day to catch up with all of the ideas in my head. Do you ever feel like you just need one more hour before bedtime with your family?   As I have said before, I am really working to incorporate meaningful traditions with my family.  I may not be able to add more time to our day, but I can make our time together count. Hispanic Heritage month has motivated me to incorporate those rituals my mom and abuela had with my brother and I growing up.  Our favorite time of day was sitting around the table for a mid-afternoon snack.  Living so far away from mi abuelita it is especially hard since we don’t get to see her as often as I’d like, but I have started her traditions with my own family and always feel more connected to her when we do things she loves to do.  It’s a time for us to sit around the table, have a powerful snack and reflect on our day.

Our powerful snack this week is a milk and Quaker Oats based Smoothie and muffins, perfect for breakfast and snack time.

I searched fuertesconleche.com and quakeroats.com to come up with theses healthy milk and oats high protein and fiber snacks.


Hawaiian Oatmeal Smoothie

Hawaiian oatmeal smoothie


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