Bacon Wrapped Scallops Pan Seared Recipe

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Bacon Wrapped Scallops Pan Seared Recipe

seared bacon wrapped scallops


This is hands down my favorite appetizer right now.  We haven’t done a date night, oh in about 6 months.  When we do we usually end up at Morton’s Steakhouse and we always start with bacon wrapped scallops.  So with no date night in the near future, I threw together my own version.  I have broiled these but the searing technique is so much better in my opinion.  Here is my favorite pan seared bacon wrapped scallops recipe.

seared scallop ingredients

Bacon Wrapped Scallops


1/2 lb Large Sea Scallops (I get about 6 scallops) If they are really huge like mine I suggest cutting them in halves to get 2 out of each.


1/2 teaspoon garlic

4 Tablespoons apricot preserve spread

Kosher salt & Plack cracked pepper (to taste)

Lemon wedge (garnish)

1/2 Stick of butter or oil

Wood Toothpicks

seared scallops


I cut my scallops in half and they are still about an inch tall.  I gauge the height I want by the bacon.  I want the bacon to wrap nicely around the scallops.



Cook bacon slices 3 -4 minutes in the microwave to get them cooked half way.  Place them on a plate with a napkin.



Wrap bacon around each scallop and hold together with a toothpick.  Sprinkle on cracked pepper and a dash of kosher salt.

sear scallops Heat butter or oil in cast iron skillet on high heat.  Once butter in nice and bubbly add scallops.  Cook on each side 3 minutes or until they get a nice brown sear.  Place cooked scallops on a plate.  Leave the skillet on adding apricot sauce, garlic and a dash cracked pepper.  Stir 2 minutes until heated through and place in a small dipping bowl.

Pan Seared Bacon Wrapped Scallops

seared bacon wrapped scallops


I add a light sprinkle of lemon to the scallops and serve.  This is my favorite bacon wrapped scallops recipe.

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  1. YUMMY!!!!

  2. I LOVE bacon wrapped scallops! I’ve never tried pan searing them before – I will have to try it!

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