CuddleUppets Yellow Dog review

If your kids watch TV during the day, then they and you are familiar with CuddleUppets.  You know that catchy jingle "Cuddle Cuddle Uppets, blankets that are puppets".  It is seriously stuck in my head  for hours, just the kind of jingle those crafty cuddleUppet folks where hoping for.  Brilliant!  My

Build a Dream Playhouse

I absolutely love watching my boys pretend play.  They have the wildest imaginations and it doesn't take much for them to transform into someone else.  I enjoy fostering their imaginative spirit.  When I came across Build A Dream Playhouses, I knew my boys needed one.  After all it's not everyday

Almost Naked Animals Volume 1 Coming to DVD

Don't you wish you could run around in your underwear and it be acceptable?  My kids sure do, and I am sure when they are adults I will inadvertently embarrass them with the insane amount of pictures I have of them in their underwear.  It is only fitting that they find Almost Naked

The Magic School Bus Series Review & Giveaway

It had been a long time since I have heard the voice of Mrs. Frizzle, "Seatbelts, everyone!".  I must of been 11 or so when I first saw the series The Magic School Bus.   It is one of the legendary nostalgic pieces of my childhood that was a must watch, even

Hot Peas ‘n Butter Catchin’ Some Peazz Review

How do you put little ones to bed?  I have spent so many nap times and nights struggling with getting my guys to sleep.   Some days I would give anything to put them in a relaxed state.  Rambunctious 18 month and 3 yr old boys don't settle down often

The Harmonica Pocket Apple Apple Kids CD

I tend to consider myself eclectic in the music department.  I love almost all genres, but I am particularly fond of  indie acoustic styles of music.  Fittingly, I want my boys to enjoy my same adventurous out of the box style.  The Harmonica Pocket band immediately appealed to my taste in music.  A twist on classic, pop,

W is for Wapiti! Children’s Storybook Review

  As we enter a new momentous time for little B (3 yrs old) the wonderful world of ABC's are on our agenda.  "W is for Wapiti!" is a storybook with an included music CD.  This is not your old school alphabet book teaching you that A is for apple and B is

Steps4Kids Draw DVD Review

We just found a new tool for sparking our boys creativity.  My three boys love to doodle and color, so I knew that encouraging them to do so is a great step in molding their creativity.   The new Steps4Kids to Draw DVD is out and is dedicated to teaching kids how

Zoobie Pet Giveaway ends 8/23

I have been looking forward to the day when little D would find his favorite toy or item.  My other boys took to their fave comfort pieces early on.  BJ was 7 months old when we realized he had to have his minky dot blanket in his crib to fall

Add a little Gutzy to your kids backpack

It's Back to school time! With all those important back-to-school essentials, there is one thing you can't forget.  You need to get your kids Gutzy Gear!  From your preschoolers to tweens, gutzy gear will be all the rage this fall.  We just celebrated a little fun in the sun with